Shore For All —All To The Shore


A new interactive web app, Discovering the Rhode Island Shore, points the way to more than 300 public access points along the Ocean State’s gorgeous coast. Years in the making, the website (which is fully mobile accessible) allows you to see every shoreline access point and place of interest in the state, from lifeguarded beaches to coastal hiking trails, from picnic-perfect parks to wildlife refuges, and from fishing spots to historic sites to boat launches. This app is a digital update to a 2004 publication, Public Access to the Rhode Island Coast, and was prepared by URI and Sea Grant staff. It is searchable by town or activity—click on a place, and a photo pops up along with directions, weather, lists of amenities, and a tide chart.

What’s better than access to the 400-mile coastline that’s the pride of Rhode Island? Actually making it to the shore. For more info, visit