Back to School

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Is your baby struggling in grade school or starting at college? These alumni can help.

Tracy L. Jackson ’93’s blog, The Extraordinary School Counselor, offers pithy advice and left-field leads on everything from how to find and apply to college scholarships, to great board games for high school seniors, to fun reads for elementary schoolers. Jackson knows of what she writes. Currently a district supervisor in New York, she has been a school counselor since 1997, and has worked at all levels in three different states. Her blog just got a nod as one of the best of the year from

Stephanie Carter, M.A. ’01, and Laurie Hazard ’88 have written a book for parents of college students, Your Freshman is Off to College: A Month-by-Month Guide to the First Year. The duo currently work at Bryant University together, where Hazard is assistant dean for student success, and Carter is director of the Academic Center for Excellence. Structured as a month-by-month guide for parents, the book takes a fun look at the first year of college. “During our years of working with students and families,” says Carter, “it became clear that parents were finding it challenging to know when to step in and when to support them from a healthy distance.”