A Parade of Presidents

As URI prepares to say good-by to Robert L. Carothers, the University’s second longest serving president, we thought we would take a look back at all of URI’s presidents—who they were and when they served.

(1) John H. Washburn 1892-1903

(2) Kenyon L. Butterfield 1903-1906

(3) Howard Edwards 1906-1930, the longest serving president.

(4) Raymond G. Bressler 1931-1940

(5) Carl R. Woodward 1941-1958, the third longest serving president.

(6) Francis H. Horn 1958-1967

(7) Werner A. Baum 1968-1973

(8) Frank Newman 1974-1983

(9) Edward D. Eddy 1983-1991

(10) Robert L. Carothers 1991-2009 the second longest serving president.

Over the years, the name of the University changed three times:

From 1892 to 1909 it was Rhode Island State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts.

In 1909 it was re-named Rhode Island State College.

In 1951 it became the University of Rhode Island

Three men have served as acting presidents,one twice:

John Barlow 1930 & 1940

Don James 1967

William R. Ferrante ’49, 1973—the only URI graduate to serve as the University’s top administrator.