Sara Green ’09

Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho

“I applied on a whim,” says Sara Green in describing her journey from elementary education and communications major to Peace Corps volunteer in Lesotho, an independent African nation surrounded by South Africa.

Her plans to start a teaching career as a substitute were derailed when she attended a job fair during her sophomore year. “My friend didn’t want to go alone, so I went along. We spoke to the Peace Corps representative; at the time my friend was more interested than I was.”

Though Green considered the Peace Corps’ mission admirable, she gave little thought to the organization until she returned to the job fair the following year. “The same woman was at the Peace Corps booth. She recognized me and asked if I had made a decision yet.”

Green then started to consider seriously the possibility of applying: “I didn’t think it would work out. The competition is tough.” Yet, she made it through the rigorous interview process. The Peace Corps chose Green to participate as an education volunteer who works with local teachers and students, providing alternative teaching strategies and support.

Green explains that Lesotho’s educational system is “military-style,” and Peace Corps staff cautioned that “some of her ideas may not be welcome.” Green is undeterred and aims to make a difference. “I am just trying to do something amazing—and am happy to be a part of this amazing organization.”

Indeed, the only aspect of the experience that Green found unnerving was air travel. “I was nervous about the plane. I’d never flown before.” With a trans-continental flight behind her, Green is settling into her new life and enjoying the adventure.

To keep the URI community informed about her endeavors during her assignment, Green will be sending Rhody Postcards to QUAD ANGLES for the on-line version of the magazine. 

—Maria V. Caliri ’86, M.B.A. ’92