Tom McCormick ’03


Military Mover

If you’re in the armed forces, chances are you move. A lot. Military families average two years between orders for domestic relocation, covering some 1,500 miles each time. “It’s a huge strain on service people,” says Tom McCormick.

McCormick isn’t an Army brat himself—it was a family connection that brought him to the business he now runs,, which helps military families streamline moving logistics and paperwork. His uncle had seen a study that referenced the impact moving has on military retention, and suggested McCormick develop a program that could assist. That was in 2005. Now, some 2,000 families a month use the site—it’s free, and McCormick, a math major who minored in computer science, has developed proprietary software that connects a family directly with the base they are transferring to. Applicants apply for housing, upload documents, and check the status of their application, all through one platform.

This spring, McCormick is launching new software, which will allow users to sign leases electronically and receive their new address prior to departure, further easing the burden. Next up will be social networking for each base, allowing this tightly knit community to share tips about daycares and other local amenities. Meanwhile his business partners—cable companies, movers and more—offer steep discounts. So when a 21-year-old mom whose husband is on the front lines in Afghanistan calls, the company can really help. “Our mission is to serve those who serve us,” says McCormick. “It’s an easy thing to say, but we really feel it here.”

By Pippa Jack