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Welcome to the Rhode Island Marine Fisheries Institute

The Rhode Island Marine Fisheries Institute (RIMFI) is a collaborative partnership between the University of Rhode Island (URI) and the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RI DEM) to co-ordinate and focus state resources and expertise in answering questions endemic in marine fisheries. The mission of the RIMFI is to increase the understanding, sustainable management, and conservation of Rhode Island’s marine fisheries resources by providing responsive research and training activities.

Through this cooperative partnership and collaboration on scientific fisheries questions, the RIMFI enhances the state’s ability to positively affect marine fisheries research and management both in the State and the U.S. Atlantic coast. RIMFI projects represent research led by RI DEM and URI, with additional collaboration, cooperation and/or input from the fishing community, non-government organizations, and additional academic institutes. Thus, the RIMFI forum addresses marine fisheries questions with input from members of the public. This model aims to promote the relationship between academics and government and to broadly and promptly disseminate knowledge and techniques.

Get Involved!

The RIMFI welcomes participation from anyone with an interest in marine fisheries–researchers, students, fisheries managers, fishers, and members of the general public. Through the RIMFI, we work together to identify new, compelling research topics, discuss results of ongoing and recently completed research, and consider how research results inform fisheries management. Your contributions will strengthen our efforts, so please join us in advancing sustainable fisheries management.  

Think Big We Do

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