Living and Learning Communities

A Living and Learning Community (LLC) is a residential community dedicated to a specific academic college or major. Research shows that students who participate in LLCs are more likely to succeed in the transition to college life—they have higher retention rates, demonstrate stronger critical thinking, and have increased access to faculty and student mentors than students who do not participate in an LLC.

Benefits of LLCs

  • Live, learn, study, and get to know others who share your academic and career interests.
  • Build strong friendships with your peers.
  • Learn academic success skills and strategies.
  • Gain an increased knowledge about your major and career options.
  • Form study groups and share learning experiences.
  • Participate in fun and educational in-house programming/events.
  • Get support from a dedicated Resident Academic Mentor (RAM), a fellow student who serves as a live-in resource and plans a variety of social activities and out-of-classroom learning events.

In addition, LLC participation offers students opportunities that promote self-confidence, a deeper connection to the University community, and stronger relationships with their peers.

But don’t take our word for it—read more from the AAC&U!

Everyone is Invited.

Admitted freshmen are automatically eligible for assignment to an LLC that corresponds to their academic college, major, or program.

Placement in an LLC is not guaranteed; however, to increase the likelihood of being assigned to your LLC, we encourage you to select a roommate with the same major (or college) or not to select a roommate at all. Rooms are assigned based upon date of receipt of housing deposit, roommate selection, and space availability.

If you are not placed in an LLC residence hall, or if even if you live off-campus, you can still take advantage of LLC staff, resources, and programming. LLC programs are open and available to all freshmen in majors affiliated with an LLC.

Your Success Network

Resident Academic Mentors (RAMs) are trained upper class students (sophomores and above) who live alongside first-year students in our LLC residence hall communities. They are actively engaged academic leaders who help first-year students succeed. RAMs keep regular office hours, organize study sessions, schedule group activities, and build a sense of community.

Resident Advisors (RAs) are undergraduate student residents who are available to other students as a resource to help navigate the campus. RAs work to create a respectful, inclusive community within the residence halls by facilitating social and educational programming efforts, assisting students in resolving conflicts, and serving as a community role model.

Hall Directors and Graduate Assistant Hall Directors are full-time university employees or full-time graduate students who are responsible for the management and daily operations of 2-5 residence halls. HDs and GAHDs directly supervise the RAs and RAMs, oversee the community building and programming efforts, and offer support to students.

Academic Partners are dedicated faculty or staff members who serve as LLC leaders. An Academic Partner is skilled at interacting with students outside the classroom and dedicates time to facilitating LLC programs and events, meeting with students, and collaborating with the housing staff on LLC-related activities.

LLCs for First-Year Residents

Academic ProgramResidence Hall(s)
Chinese Language Flagship ProgramHillside Hall
College of Business AdministrationFayerweather Hall, Gorham Hall
College of Education and Professional StudiesWeldin Hall
College of EngineeringHutchinson Hall, Merrow Hall, Peck Hall, Tucker Hall
College of Engineering International Engineering Program (IEP)Hutchinson Hall
College of the Environment and Life SciencesBrowning Hall
College of Health SciencesButterfield Hall, Weldin Hall
College of NursingHillside Hall
College of PharmacyHillside Hall
Exploring/Undeclared Majors through University CollegeBarlow Hall
Fine Arts and Design (New for Fall 2017)Hillside Hall
Gender, Equity, and Leadership in Sexuality (GELS)Ellery Hall
Harrington School of Communication and MediaHillside Hall
Not all programs have an LLC, if you have questions about LLCs for your major, contact Housing and Residential Life.

LLCs for Upperclass Residents

Academic ProgramResidence Hall(s)
Gender, Equity, and Leadership in Sexuality (GELS)Ellery Hall
Honors ProgramGarrahy Hall
International Engineering Program (IEP)IEP House, TI House
Women in Leadership HouseWomen's Center
Sustainability LLCTo be announced
LLCs for Upperclassmen have special requirements and application processes. Check specific LLCs for information.
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