Site Work

Transformation of campus features and contours throughout the Campus Renewal process will yield a new level of efficiency and accessibility, and create a more campus-like environment.

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The most obvious site work begins this spring as a larger parking lot along Pier Road at the West edge of campus is constructed. By providing ample parking for employees, students and visitors, most vehicular traffic will skirt the campus perimeter while the campus interior becomes a more typical “quad” and pedestrian-friendly zone.

The architect’s recommendations include improvements to campus infrastructure (e.g., power and water lines), lighting, way-finding, accessibility and circulation to support the proposed building program, reduce impacts to the environment, and improve circulation and resiliency.

The lack of an efficient and comprehensive pedestrian circulation system hinders meaningful connections between different parts of campus and impacts campus ADA accessibility, pedestrian safety, and the overall pedestrian experience and impression of the campus. Many of these deficiencies will be rectified during Campus Renewal.