Blue MBA

Photo by Alex DeCiccio.
Photo by Alex DeCiccio, Inner Space Center.

The Blue MBA program is a dual-degree program that merges the Master of Business Administration (MBA) with the Master of Oceanography (MO). It is designed for students with a physical science, natural science, or engineering undergraduate degree who want to develop their management skills and broaden their marketability.

With a growing demand for leaders with skills in business and science – particularly ocean- and coastal-related science, the Graduate School of Oceanography and the College of Business partnered to offer this joint degree program. This is the first program of its kind in the United States, and provides the knowledge and skills needed to develop business models to ensure an environmentally sustainable world for a broad range of industry sectors, companies and organizations.

Students successfully completing the Blue MBA program are prepared to strategically address the broad spectrum of environmental challenges facing the global business community. This program is particularly beneficial to those seeking management careers in industries including the following:

  • Energy
  • Ocean Technology and Engineering
  • Hazard Risk Management
  • Water Resources
  • Fisheries
  • Marine Navigation and Tourism
  • Ocean and Human Health

Students take courses in business, oceanography, and economics.


“I can’t get my hands on enough MBAs in the energy/climate area.” Mike Mernick, Senior VP at ICF International.

  • Internship and career opportunities exist in industries such as energy, ocean technology and engineering, hazard risk management, water resources, fisheries, marine navigation, environmental consulting, tourism, as well as ocean and human health.
  • Additionally, all industry sectors are looking for environmentally responsible managers in finance, marketing, management and event planning – among others. Therefore, opportunities also exist with companies that work to enhance the environmental sustainability of their operations and surroundings, although that is not their primary business focus. This further expands the Blue MBA job market to include the Starbucks, Home Depot, Costco, ICF International, General Electric, and other major corporations of the world.


There are three ways to pursue this dual degree.

OPTION 1: Day – Fall Start

Year 1: Fall One year “Day” MBA Program
  Spring One year “Day” MBA Program
Year 2: Fall Oceanography Courses (501, 561, 695, Elective) (12 credits)
  Spring Oceanography Courses (521, 540, 695, Elective) (12 credits)


OPTION 2: Day – Spring Start

Year 1: Spring Oceanography Courses (521, 540, 695, Elective) (12 credits)
  Fall One year “Day” MBA Program
Year 2: Spring One year “Day” MBA Program
  Fall Oceanography Courses (501, 561, 695, Elective) (12 credits)


OPTION 3: Evening MBA / Day MO Concurrently (example of a possible schedule)

2 MBA Courses / 1 MO Elective (9 credits)

Year 1: Fall 3 MBA Courses / 2 MO Courses (14 credits)
  Spring 2 MBA Courses / 3 MO Courses (15 credits)
  Summer 2 MBA Courses (online) / MO Internship (6 to 12 credits)
Year 2: Fall 2 MBA Courses / 2 MO Courses / 1 MO Elective (13 credits)


For More Information

For more information on the MO or Blue MBA, please contact:
Dr. Robert Pockalny
Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs
(401) 874-6926 or