Becoming a GSO Corporate Affiliate

A Public-Private Partnership

Before us lies a new journey and challenge: energize the region’s economy.

Recently, the Boston Globe reported that the blue economy is at the heart of the region’s economic development plan. And, according to a report by the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation, this “super sector” is projected to double in value by 2030 and become an engine for job creation in our region.

National, state and local leaders understand that economic growth and prosperity resides in, on and around the waters of southeastern New England.

The way forward converts today's resources into tomorrow's competitive advantage.

The Corporate Affiliates program at URI’s Graduate School of Oceanography is a resource that delivers compelling benefits:

• fundamental knowledge
• technical facilities
• professional guidance
• prolific talent

By affiliating with GSO—the “academic anchor” of Rhode Island’s blue economy—a corporation can leverage the strengths of a great research university.

It Begins With a Greeting

Partnerships between organi­zations are built on connections between individuals.

There are many occasions each year for people to get acquainted—to discuss vexing issues and innovative solutions. Corporate affiliates are invited into the GSO com­munity and warmly welcomed at interactive events, such as:

– Public lectures
– Research presentations
– Working lunches
– Facility tours
– Professional receptions

Open Doors Open Minds

Corporate affiliates reap the rewards of access.

The facilities, laboratories, and equipment needed to research and develop inspired ideas are located on GSO’s Narragansett Bay Campus. Corporate affiliates are encouraged to bring to campus their questions and challenges to save time and money immediately. In the long-term, as students become fluent in real-world applications of basic research, the next generation of oceanographers, scientists and engineers is informed and trained. GSO’s graduate students—thirsty for knowledge today—will become difference makers in the blue economy workforce of tomorrow. Meanwhile, corporate affiliates enjoy an inside track for bringing these professionals into their organizations.

GSO’s reach extends beyond its campus boundaries.

Around the globe, nearly a thousand GSO alumni fill positions in state and local agencies, national laboratories, nonprofit organizations and top-ranked universities. As opinion leaders and policy makers, professors and researchers, scientists and consultants, they are shaping the agenda for oceanographic enterprise and ensuring its success. These men and women are the larger part of the GSO community. By joining this community as a corporate affiliate, you gain access to a vast network of know-how and experience.

Collaboration Begets Momentum

GSO’s people and facilities will extend your operation.

Through this program a corporate affiliate can sponsor a long-term project. Here, the public-private partnership addresses mutual concerns, produces specific gains and realizes its greatest value. As one of the nation’s premiere oceanographic institutions, GSO comprises subject-matter experts in:

– Ocean Exploration
– Aquaculture
– Fisheries
– Ocean Technologies
– Climate Change
– Coastal Resilience
– Marine Geology
– Alternative Energy
– Related Blue-Economy Industries

The bottom line

Mutual success.

Your company is the destination for what we produce—intricate analyses, new knowledge and expert minds in oceanography. You confront the issues of the day. You drive the need for discovery. Your work makes our work essential.

Please consider becoming a GSO Corporate Affiliate. Because success in the blue economy will require fresh ideas, novel approaches, tenacity, and invigorating partnerships.

To learn more about becoming a GSO Corporate Affiliate, contact:

Katharine Hazard Flynn
URI Corporate & Foundation Relations