Pierre Marrec

  • Marine Research Associate III
  • Biological Oceanography
  • Phone: 401.874.6140
  • Email: pmarrec@uri.edu
  • Office Location: 230 Coastal Institute


  • Phytoplankton ecology
  • Ocean Biogeochemistry
  • Coastal Oceanography
  • CO2 system dynamic

I am a biogeochemical oceanographer interested in plankton community structure dynamics and interactions between biology, chemistry and physics in coastal and open ocean waters. 

After studying the dynamics of the CO2 systems in European continental shelf waters from tidal to multi-annual time scales using multiple ocean observing platforms (moorings, voluntary observing ships, satellite), I investigated the fine-scale dynamics of the phytoplankton community structure in the Mediterranean Sea in close link to biogeochemical and physical variabilities.

As part of the NSF-funded Northeast U.S. Shelf (NES) Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) project, I’m investigating the dynamics of the planktonic food webs and interactions between physics (e.g. temperature), chemistry (e.g. nutrient) and biology (e.g. phytoplankton) in order to understand how different parts of the ecosystem affect one another.
The NES is one of the most productive ocean regions on the planet, a hotspot for marine life. It is then essential to study key mechanisms linking changes in the physical environment, planktonic food webs and higher trophic levels to understand how organisms living in the NES, from plankton to fish, are changing in response to changes in their environment.


Ph.D. Chemical Oceanography, Sorbonne University, Biological Station of Roscoff, France, 2014.

M.S., Marine Chemistry, University of Brest (UBO), European Institute of Marine Studies (IUEM), France, 2011.

B.S., Chemistry, University of Brest (UBO), France, 2009.

Selected Publications