Bond Question 2 to Renew Narragansett Bay Campus

URI’s Narragansett Bay Campus is home to the URI Graduate School of Oceanography (GSO), one of the world’s premier oceanographic institutions. Founded in 1961, GSO has built a reputation for excellence in deep water oceanographic research, coastal planning and management, sustainable fisheries and monitoring the health of Narragansett Bay. With operations, researchers, faculty, and students worldwide, the Bay Campus education and outreach programs train the next generation of scientists and policymakers, while ensuring Rhode Island’s K-12 teachers and students gain an appreciation for the importance of ocean science through a variety of hands-on programs.

In partnership with other Bay Campus partners including the URI Department of Ocean Engineering and College of the Environment and Life Sciences, as well as numerous other affiliates, the work conducted along the shores of Narragansett Bay benefits all Rhode Island residents.  

GSO is:

  • A leader in improving the health of Narragansett Bay;
  • A driver of ocean and coastal education, K-12 outreach and workforce development efforts;
  • An innovator in ocean exploration and new technologies; and
  • An academic anchor to advance Rhode Island’s Blue Economy.

On November 6th, Rhode Islanders will vote on Question 2, a $70 million higher education general obligation bond that includes $45 million for upgrades to the Narragansett Bay Campus. 

Approval of Question 2 would authorize $45 million for facility enhancements at URI’s Narragansett Bay Campus to:

  • Construct a 20,000-square-foot Ocean Technology building to serve as a hub for scientific innovation, discovery, and collaboration.
  • Serve as a catalyst for workforce development by providing opportunities for public-private endeavors relating to ocean science and exploration.
  • Upgrade GSO’s pier and infrastructure to accommodate a new state-of-the-art, internationally recognized research vessel from the National Science Foundation valued at more than $100 million.
  • Provide cutting-edge technology upgrades at GSO’s facilities to train the next generation of students in marine sciences.
  • Construct a marine operations facility for maintenance of GSO’s assets.