GSO at the 2023 AGU Fall Meeting

The URI GSO community will present its research at the 2023 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. #AGU23, the most influential event in the world dedicated to the advancement of Earth and space sciences, is scheduled from December 11-15.

Every year, AGU Fall Meeting convenes more than 25,000 attendees from 100+ countries to share research and network. Researchers, scientists, educators, students, policymakers, enthusiasts, journalists and communicators attend AGU Fall Meeting to better understand our planet and environment, and our role in preserving its future. It is a results-oriented gathering rooted in celebrating and advancing positive individual and collective outcomes.

Below is a list highlighting where you can hear from members of the GSO community throughout the meeting.

Special URI event: President Marc Parlange, Dean Paula Bontempi, Dean Jen Riley and the URI Foundation hosted a reception on Monday, December 11 at 7:00pm at the Palace Hotel, located at 2 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA. This event was in place of the traditional GSO Reception.

DateStart TimeEnd TimeLocationNumberTitlePeople
Monday, December 118:559:052003 - West (Level 2, West, MC)OS11a-03Harnessing Nature's Buffer: Assessing Oyster Shell Dissolution for Ocean Acidification Mitigation and Ocean Alkalinity EnhancementFiona Teevan-Kamhawi, Hongjie Wang
Monday, December 119:059:152003 - West (Level 2, West, MC)OS11A-04Macroalgae Cultivation for Mitigating Ocean Acidification and Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal: A Study of Sugar Kelp in Rhode IslandFiona Teevan-Kamhawi, Hongjie Wang
Monday, December 1111:3111:412002-2004 - West (Level 2, West, MC)GC12B-07Earth system feedbacks on climate and carbon sensitivity in GFDL's 4th generation modelsBrandon G Reichl
Monday, December 1114:1018:30Poster Hall A-C - South (Exhibition Level, South, MC)DI13B-0039A multidisciplinary approach to constraining the stability of melt at the lithosphere–asthenosphere boundaryKatherine Kelley
Tuesday, December 128:3012:50Poster Hall A-C - South (Exhibition Level, South, MC)OS21C-1428Plume Hunting in the Aleutians via a Saildrone Surveyor USVAdam Soule, Deborah Smith, Ashley Immani
Tuesday, December 128:458:552003 - West (Level 2, West, MC)OS21A-02Unraveling Natural Carbonate Variability in Narragansett Bay, RI Using Multiple High Temporal Resolution pH Time SeriesAbigail Baskind, Georgia Ahumada, Hongjie Wang, Andrew Davies, Kristofer Gomes, Heather Stoffel
Tuesday, December 129:159:252007 - West (Level 2, West, MC)GC21A-05The New Generation of Global Climate Models Enhanced by Machine LearningBrandon G Reichl
Tuesday, December 1214:1018:30Poster Hall A-C - South (Exhibition Level, South, MC)V23D-0198Combined insights from whole rocks, melt inclusions, and crystallization experiments at hydrous, oxidized conditions reveal differences in recorded magmatic processes at Buldir volcanoKatherine Kelley
Tuesday, December 1216:0016:13160 - South (Upper Mezzanine, South, Moscone Center)Welcoming the Next Generation of Diverse Ocean ScientistsDavid C Smith
Wednesday, December 138:308:402003 - West (Level 2, West, MC)C31B-01Sea-Ice Influence in the Upper Water Column during MOSAiC based on Oxygen IsotopesAlessanda D'Angelo
Wednesday, December 138:3012:50Poster Hall A-C - South (Exhibition Level, South, MC)V31C-0114Origins of the Liliʻuokalani Seamount Chain – evidence for another long-lived Pacific plume?Dwight Coleman
Wednesday, December 1311:3011:403009 - West (Level 3, West, MC)B32D-08Combined Chemical and Biological Approach to Understand Manganese Cycling in Seasonal Hypoxic ZonesRoger Patrick Kelly, Rebecca Robinson
Wednesday, December 1314:1014:20152 - South (Upper Mezzanine, South, MC)V33A-01A Multi-Hotspot Model for the Origin of Northern Line Island SeamountsRobert Pockalny
Wednesday, December 1314:1018:30Poster Hall A-C - South (Exhibition Level, South, MC)OS33B-1598Nitrogen Cycling and Nutrient Efflux From Coastal Sediments is Variable Under HypoxiaNicole Mucci, Rebecca Robinson, Roger Patrick Kelly, Katherine Bell, Bethany Jenkins, Veronique Oldham
Wednesday, December 1314:1018:30Poster Hall A-C - South (Exhibition Level, South, MC)OS33B-1599Seasonal variations in benthic nitrogen cycling in the lower Mississippi RiverRebecca Robinson, Nicole Mucci, Roger Patrick Kelly, Katherine Bell, Veronique Oldham
Wednesday, December 1316:3216:42152 - South (Upper Mezzanine, South, MC)V34A-04Impacts of slab melting on arc magmatic volatiles and oxygen fugacityKatherine Kelley, Zoe Gentes
Wednesday, December 1316:3516:45153 - South (Upper Mezzanine, South, MC)V34B-04Compartmentalization of Axial Seamount’s Magma Chamber Inferred by Deformation ModelingSandra Slead, Matt Wei
Thursday, December 148:3012:50Poster Hall A-C - South (Exhibition Level, South, MC)OS41C-1758Automated Classification of Seafloor Morphology using Deep Neural NetworksPuja Banerjee, Adam Soule
Thursday, December 148:3012:50eLightning Theater V, Hall D - South (Exhibition Level, South, MC)V41G-01Finite-frequency P-wave tomography reveals a magma mush zone beneath the nodal networks across the Kīlauea Lower East Rift ZoneYang Shen
Thursday, December 148:3012:50Poster Hall A-C - South (Exhibition Level, South, MC)C41C-1524Low salinity summer meltwater impacts surface Arctic Ocean microbial community structure and net community productionBrice Loose, Alessandra D'Angelo
Thursday, December 148:529:02203 - South (Level 2, South, Moscone Center)ED41A-03Graduate Student Diversity and Inclusion Badge Program – a mini-credential with a big impactColleen Mouw, Asta Habtemichel, Dominique Lockwood
Thursday, December 1411:0211:123024 - West (Level 3, West, MC)PP42A-05Genus-specific Bias in the Diatom-bound Nitrogen Isotope Paleoproxy: Evidence from Laboratory Cultures and Marine SedimentIsabel Dove, Roger Patrick Kelly, Rebecca Robinson
Thursday, December 1414:1018:30Poster Hall A-C - South (Exhibition Level, South, MC)OS43C-1814Radiocarbon Dating of Hadal Water Replacement in the Puerto Rico TrenchSteven D'Hondt, David Casagrande, Dennis Graham, Rob Pockalny, Chris Roman, Art Spivack
Thursday, December 1415:0015:10153 - South (Upper Mezzanine, South, MC)V43A-05Under the surface; a multidisciplinary approach to submarine volcanic deposits from Hunga volcano, Kingdom of TongaAdam Soule, Roxanne Beinart
Friday, December 158:3012:50Poster Hall A-C - South (Exhibition Level, South, MC)T51C-0126Fluid Heterogeneities Affect Seismic Cycles on Oceanic Transform Faults: Insights from the Gofar FaultLingchao He, Matt Wei
Friday, December 158:3012:50Poster Hall A-C - South (Exhibition Level, South, MC)A51I-2035Observationally-Constrained Modeling of Ozone Chemistry in the Denver Metro Northern Front Range (DMNFR) using Airborne Measurements during FRAPPÉBrian Heikes