Ocean Classroom (R.I. Teachers At Sea)

The Rhode Island Teachers At Sea (RITAS) Program is designed to establish sustainable partnerships between ocean scientists, researchers and Rhode Island educators. Educators selected for the RITAS Program will become part of a scientific research team conducting ocean science research during a cruise aboard the R/V Endeavor.

As an educational component of the Rhode Island Endeavor Program (RIEP), the RITAS Program is dependent upon the continued support from the State of Rhode Island.



Application Information:

  • There is no application deadline unless noted.
  • Applications may be reviewed as received.
  • Applications will remain open and active and applicants will be considered for placement throughout the duration of the program.
  • There is no fee.

Educator Essentials:

  • K-16 educators, both formal and informal, of all disciplines (science, technology, art, math, english, history) are invited to apply.
  • RITAS Program applicants must be:
    • A U.S. citizen (with a valid passport should the research experience be outside U.S. waters)
    • Currently employed in Rhode Island as a full time K-16 educator
    • In good health (certain research experiences may require that applicants participate in physically challenging shipboard environments)
    • Familiar with electronic networks and have an active email address accessible from home
    • Agreeable to speaking to journalists and public audiences concerning their involvement in RITAS

R.I. Teachers At Sea participants are expected to:

  • Meet with host researchers at URI prior to the cruise
  • Carry out training and shipboard responsibilities as requested by the host researchers. This may include preparing journals and daily cruise logs for posting on the R/V Endeavor website during the cruise
  • Transfer their research experiences to their classroom
  • Assist in promoting the RIEP by presenting their RITAS experiences to the public, by speaking with journalists, and presenting their experience at school committee meetings, or in any other venue that is deemed appropriate

Rhode Island Teachers At Sea Program


Q: How long is the research cruise?
A: RITAS educators spend three days (educator cruise) to three weeks at sea (research experience), depending on the nature and location of the research.

Q: What science will be conducted during the research cruise?
A: Many of the cruises will cover more than one of the disciplines relevant to oceanography: biology, ocean engineering, geology, chemistry, and physics.

Q: What does an educator need to do to prepare for the research cruise?
A: Each participant will be required to attend an orientation prior to the beginning of the research cruise.

Q: Who can I contact if I have any questions?
A: Questions should be directed to Andrea Gingras, agingras@uri.edu, University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography, Public Engagement.

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