2023 Charles and Marie Fish Lecture: Six Months Across the Ocean

featuring Charlie Enright, skipper of The Ocean Race-winning 11th Hour Racing Team in 2022-2023

The first American skipper to lead a U.S. team to victory and hoist the iconic trophy in The Ocean Race’s 50-year history, Charlie Enright and the 11th Hour Racing Team overcame many challenges over six months as they sailed seven legs, visited four continents, and covered 32,000 nautical miles racing around the world. The team not only built a high-performance ocean racing team with sustainability at the core of all operations, it engaged a broad audience and sailing fans worldwide on the climate crisis, ocean health and sustainability.

On November 2nd, we took a fascinating look into Enright’s racing experience and first-hand observations on the health of our ocean planet. Graduate School of Oceanography scientists Victoria Fulfer and Martha McConnell shared their innovative global microplastics research conducted in collaboration with The Ocean Race.