GSO Public Lecture Series: Oceans Tell Stories Through People

In an evening of art, music, imagery and storytelling at University of Rhode Island’s spring Public Lecture Series, speakers presented an interconnected series of narratives that recenter identity & emotion in our understanding of the world’s ocean.

Event Organizers and Speakers:

  • Kendall Moore, Departments of Journalism and Film Media
  • Alex DeCiccio, Inner Space Center at GSO
  • Amelia Moore, Department of Marine Affairs
  • Melva Treviño Peña, Department of Fisheries, Animal, and Veterinary Sciences
  • Wanda Hopkins, Narragansett Indian Tribal Elder; English M.A. student; URI Staff Member
  • Joe-Silem Enlet, Marine Affairs Ph.D. Student
  • Ryan Campos, Inner Space Center at GSO
  • Patrick Flanagan, Inner Space Center at GSO