COAST Lab @ the Ocean Science Meeting 2022

COASTL is happy to be involved in several talks and posters at the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022

Here’s a list with details:

2/28 02:35 PM Walsh et al. (recorded oral presentation) “AN ASSESSMENT APPROACH FOR OCEAN MULTI-USE POTENTIAL AND MARINE DECISION-MAKING in OS09 Oceans of Conflict and Climate Change: In Search of Pathways for Sustainable and Equitable Oceans and Coasts

3/2 2:55 PM Sydney Walker (Global Sustainability Scholar) and Walsh (recorded oral presentation) “Global GIS Mapping of Ocean Multi-Use Potential with Offshore Wind and Tourism in OP06 ADVANCING THE BLUE ECONOMY FOLLOWING SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES 01

3/2 10:05 AM Arbic et al., (recorded oral) “Ocean Corps: Inspiring sustained, long-term ocean science education and research collaborations between nations” in ED11 Global capacity development in ocean science for sustainable development 02

3/2 9:12 PM Walsh et al. (poster) “ASSESSING EVENT-DRIVEN CHANGES OF COASTAL HABITAT CHANGES IN THE PHILIPPINES FOR MANAGEMENT” in OTP02 Ocean Technologies and Observatories Posters 2

3/3 3:40 PM Fulfer and Walsh (recorded oral) in “Plastic Distributions and Transport through the Providence River and Narragansett Bay, RI” in CP04 Coastal connections: Material transport between Land, Estuaries and the Shelf 03