Feedback1I enjoy every issue of QuadAngles, but I wanted to point out that on p. 24 of the Spring 2017 issue, I believe Bob Perlow is posing with Alan Thicke, not Robin Thicke. I laughed when I saw the error— I had to actually stop and think myself for a minute. I’m from the URI school of journalism way back in the mid-70s. Ended up as a fashion copywriter in advertising for department stores, took a detour to become a banquet chef for 30 years. I still work in a kitchen, but have been a feature writer for Southington Magazine here in my hometown for the past two years.

The old standards of perfection never wore off, I guess. Credit the URI J-professors for that. And, my family spends a lot of time editing what we read—we are total hardasses. Keep up the good work!

Patty Fasulo Boissonneault ’78 Southington, Conn.

Editor’s Note: Sorry about the error and thanks for letting us know, Patty!