5th-Year Master of Oceanography

The 5th-Year Master of Oceanography program is designed for URI students who want to enter GSO’s M.O. program while still an undergraduate and complete the degree in the year following completion of the Bachelor of Science.

A Master of Oceanography degree is a valuable credential for those interested in entering the following fields:

  • Ocean Environmental Management and Assessment
  • Marine Industries
  • Science Writing
  • Ocean Policy and Law
  • Education

Additionally, for students who want to continue their education and earn a doctorate in oceanography, marine biology or another aspect of marine science, this degree program is a tremendous option. Students taking the extra time to earn this Master Degree gain a distinct advantage in the job market when competing with students graduating with similar degrees at the Bachelor of Science level.

URI students accepted to the 5th-Year M.O. program typically take one graduate level oceanography course during the fall semester of their senior year and two oceanography courses in the spring semester. Students then complete the remaining graduate degree requirements with two semesters of coursework the following school year.

To qualify for the 5th-Year M.O. program, URI undergraduate students must:

  • Complete 60 undergraduate credits;
  • Maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0; and
  • Earn a grade of B or better in each of the three prerequisite courses (or equivalent or AP credit):
    • General Physics, PHY 111 or 203
    • General Chemistry, CHM 112 or 192
    • Calculus, MTH 132 or 142


There are currently four unique specializations that are available within the 5th-Year M.O. program.


For More Information

Professor Art Spivack
Graduate School of Oceanography
University of Rhode Island
Narragansett, RI 02882

Phone: (401) 874-6246