GSO professor publishes book on ecosystem-based fisheries management

December 21, 2020

Jeremy Collie, a professor at the URI Graduate School of Oceanography, has published a new book, “Fishery Ecosystem Dynamics.”

“This book evolved from 60 years of teaching the graduate-level Fish Population Dynamics course at GSO,” says Collie. “The course was started by the late (GSO professor) Saul Saila, and continued by my co-author Mike Fogarty, before he passed it on to me.”

Fogarty, a senior scientist at the NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center, is also an adjunct faculty member at GSO. Collie, a quantitative marine ecologist, has dedicated much of his research to learning how exploited marine fish and invertebrate populations interact with their marine environment.

Fisheries do our ecosystem a great service by providing over 3 billion people with nearly 20% of their daily animal protein intake. However, one-third of the world’s fish stocks are currently harvested at unsustainable levels. In this book, Collie and Fogarty provide examples of more holistic approaches to management of fisheries so that they can incorporate broader ecosystem principles and remain sustainable.

“The goals of the book are to provide an introduction for the future generation of scientists who will carry on this research, to illuminate the connections between ecology and fishery science, and to explore the implications of these linkages in formulating management strategies for the 21st century,” says Collie.

“Fishery Ecosystem Dynamics” will be of great use to graduate level students as well as academic researchers and professionals in the fields of fisheries ecology and management.