Ocean Robotics

Ocean Robotics @ GSO

Small boat deploying an ROV.
Photo by Lauren Freeman
An Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) is prepared to work below the sea ice. Photo by Mingxi Zhou.

The Ocean Robotics program at the University of Rhode Island is an active and exciting research group with projects spanning many facets of marine science and technology. Faculty from both the Graduate School of Oceanography and the Department of Ocean Engineering are using and developing robotic platforms for marine environments ranging from shallow coastlines to the deepest parts of the world’s ocean. Robotic systems are transforming oceanography and revolutionizing our ability to collect and process data in profoundly new ways. Application areas include seafloor mapping and imaging, mid-water physics and biology, ocean acoustics, and hadal science.

The students and faculty working in this area have diverse academic backgrounds from engineering, mathematics, computer science and the sciences.