People of the Robinson Lab

Lab Values

We believe that science is for everyone. All are welcome in our laboratory team, whatever their gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education or disability. 

The members of this lab publicly condemn hate within our community.  Specifically, we do not tolerate bigotry, racism, sexism, violence, or harassment of any kind in our lab community or beyond.

We stand and ally ourselves with all LGBTQ, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian/Pacific Islander communities in their fight for realization of their rights to full inclusion and access.

This team is committed towards building a more diverse and welcoming community in the lab, on campus, and beyond. We will advocate for and elevate the voices of under represented groups in science through course work, invited talks, and open and frequent dialogue. We pledge to continue to work to dismantle the structures and norms of systemic racism within academia, and through these efforts, the world.

Dr. Rebecca Robinson

Twitter: @RSRobinsonG

Roger Patrick Kelly – Marine Research Associate III

Twitter: @SeaWayward

Basia Marcks – PhD Student

Twitter: @BasiaLikesRocks

Isabel Dove – PhD Student

Twitter: @IsabelDiatom

Shalan McDonagh – MS Student

Twitter: @PaleoNotTheDiet

Molly Robinson – PhD Student

Nicole Mucci – MS Student

Katherine Bell – M.S.

Kyle Young, CDR USCG – PhD Student CELS Geosciences
US Coast Guard Academy Physics Dept:

Current and Recent Undergraduate Research Students

Tyler Thomas (Class of 2024)

Undergraduate Research Alumnae

Year of graduation in ( )

Kristy Tomi (2021)
Catherine Tiley (2020)
Logan Thomas (2020)
Kayly Pelagalli (2019)
Samantha Hicks (2020)
Angela Stahl (2019)
Jessica Freedman (2017)
Neil Redmond 2014)
Kerri McCarthy (2013)
Chelsea Lynch (2013)
Justin Coughlin (2012)
Carlisle Bascom Jr (2011)
Joanna Panosky (2010)
Amanda Pratt (2010)
Daniel MacDonald (2009)
Quinn Pevera (2009)


2019 Forrest Pilone, Colorado School of Mines
2017 Amanda Love, Lake Superior State College
2016 Alexandra Norwood, Arizona State University
2015 Kyle Rennell, IUP
2015 Felicia Rodier, Salem State College
2014 Cassandra Beaulieu, SUNY Syracuse
2013 Victoria Yuan, Rice University
2010 Patrick Bedsole, NC State University
2008 Kari Pohl, Roger Williams University
2006 Katie Clegg, University of Maine

Graduate School Alumnae

Colin Jones – PhD 2020
Neil Redmond – MS 2017
Courtney Schmidt – PhD 2014
Annie Hartwell – MS 2013
Nate Vinheitero – PhD 2012 (Co-advised)
Matt Horn – PhD 2011
Julie Kalansky – MS 2009