GSO Oceanographers on Record-breaking Cruise


A party of seven GSO researchers, led by Dr. Steven D’Hondt, collected a record 800 water samples squeezed from deep sea sediments on a recent cruise in the Pacific. This cruise, aboard the RV Knorr, sailed 13,500 km from Costa Rica to Honolulu in January and collected cores to build a global model for biomass and respiration under the seafloor. Early results show that life beneath the seafloor varies with productivity of the overlying ocean. They also, surprisingly, found oxidizing conditions tens of meters below the bottom of the ocean. The cruise was also the first test of the WHOI new Long-Coring system. The Office of Marine Programs’ NSF-funded ARMADA Project supported a Colorado teacher, Cheryl Manning, research experience aboard the cruise. See the ARMADA Project website for Cheryl’s daily journals.