RV Endeavor Returns to Sea

The Endeavor - March 9, 2011

The RV Endeavor, fresh from an overhaul and sporting a blue hull, will once again be at sea from March 22 to 26.   Part of the time at sea will be devoted to a “shake down” to test Endeavor’s equipment.  GSO researchers, including chief scientist Kathryn Moran, Tania Lado Insua, Ian Kulin, and Jim Newman, will also be testing a Simple Cabled Instrument for Measuring Parameters In-situ (SCIMPI).  SCIMPI is designed to take subsurface time series measurements of temperature, pressure and resistivity in Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) boreholes to study the seafloor as a dynamic system.  Measurements taken by the sensors can be used to improve the understanding of fluid flow, hydrate formation, and seismically induced pore pressure changes. Participating in this cruise as a part of the Rhode Island Teacher-at-Sea Program (RITAS) will be Scott Dickison, a teacher from Rogers High School in Newport, Rhode Island.