19-145 Maximum percent of coverage

Sets maximum impervious cover as 20% of the site area, to be added to the maximum lot building coverage.
(Note: following is excerpted from table of area requirements)Maximum Percent of Coverage * Percent+

*Including accessory building

+ In addition to lot building coverage, every parcel shall also be subject to a maximum percentage of impermeable surface coverage. The maximum amount of the site that may be covered by an impermeable surface shall be determined by adding 20 percent of the site area to the maximum percent of lot building coverage as established by section 19-145. For the purposes of calculating the amount of impermeable surface coverage, impermeable surfaces shall include all roads, driveways, parking areas, buildings, loading areas, decking, pools, and other impermeable construction covering the natural landscape. (Rev. Ords. 1987, § 19-145; Ch. 52, § II, 2-3-99; Ch. 194, § III, 12-18-01)

Chapter 19 Zoning,
Article IV Supplementary District Regulations;
Division 2 Lot, Area, Setback and Yard Regulations;
Section 19-145 Schedule
Last Accessed: 2010-05-13
Additional Information
Examples of maximum lot building cover specified in the schedule of area requirements are shown below. For comparison, we have listed the maximum total lot coverage with the additional 20% maximum site impermeable cover. District Max.% lot Max.% lot cover with added building cover 20% impermeable cover Residential 20-25% 40-45% Open space 10% 30% Commercial 35-60% 55-80% Industrial 40-60% 60-80%