OWTS Maintenance

Adopted in 1992, this ordinance requires OWTS owners to have their system pumped at least once every 4 years. In 2007 it was amended to require alternative system owners to submit maintenance contracts and reports to the Town.
(e) The owner of an onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS) shall have such system pumped out at his own expense at least once every four years and furnish proof of same to the engineering department; excepting those properties which have an RIDEM approved onsite wastewater treatment system installed under a condition of recorded maintenance agreement within the town land evidence records, and subject to providing copies of the recorded maintenance agreement and maintenance reports to the engineering department. The owner of an OWTS shall maintain such system in proper working condition in accordance with existing regulations. Septic tanks shall remain accessible at all times and any impervious surfaces covering an OWTS is prohibited. The use of any septic tank additives and the disposal of hazardous waste is prohibited as is garbage disposal unit discharges except for existing units. The owner shall abide by all conditions for installation required under the applicable provisions of the zoning ordinance, environmental overlay districts section.
Code of Ordinances,
Chapter 78 Utilities, Article 3 Sewers,
Section 78-248 Use of public sewers required (e)
Last Accessed: 2010-05-28
Additional Information
Mandatory septic tank pumping helps raise awareness of the need for regular maintenance and helps keep functioning systems working properly but does not promote repair or replacement of failed systems. In addition, the current recommendation for conventional OWTS is to inspect regularly but pump as needed based on size of system and use.