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What did marine biology majors do in the summer of:

What are Marine Biology Majors Doing in Summer 2017?

URI Coastal Fellow, URI Watershed Watch (Erin Chille)

URI Coastal Fellow, Stolt Lab (NRS/CELS) – Soils in shallow subtidal wetlands (Tiare Fridrich)

URI Coastal Fellow, with Lisa Tewksbury and Chad Rigby – Development of a a biological control agent for wwallow-worts (Amelia May)

NSF SURF Intern, Gomez-Chiarri Lab (FAVS/CELS) – Disease defense trade-offs and the performance of selectively bred oysters (Danielle Jordan)

NSF EPSCoR SURF Intern, Jenkins Lab (CMB/CELS) Elucidating the iron stress response of different Southern Ocean diatom species (Lauren Salisbury)

NSF REU, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, MD (Melati Tarrant)

NSF REU, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, CA (James Tuttle)

NSF REU, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA (Gyasi Alexander)

PEP REU, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (MA) studying climate change (Miranda Van Allen)

NSF REU, Rutgers University Marine Field Station, (NJ) – life history of fishes, juvenile horseshoe crab populations and the effects of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill on fishes in Louisiana, (Dawn Parry)

Research Assistant, Darrin Freshwater Institute (NY) – field sampling, and lab work pertaining to Lake George watershed (Jack Girard)

Research Assistant, Robinson lab (GSO) – Nitrogen isotope analysis in ocean sediments (Angela Stahl)

Research Assistant, Webb Lab (BIO, CELS) Ontogeny of the mechanosensory lateral line system in a coral reef goby (Katie Nickles)

Research Assistant, Lohmann lab (GSO), Studying the presence of halogenated natural products in fish and algae tissues in Narragansett Bay (Christine Gardiner)

Research Assistant, Collie Lab (GSO), analyzing icthyoplankton samples as a part of a larger ongoing study of the declining winter flounder population in Narragansett Bay. (Alison Frey)

Research Intern, Ocean Optics Lab, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, FL (Karla Kaiat)

Assistant Coordinator, Teen Program, New England Aquarium (Katherine Hannibal)

Intern, Institute for Marine Mammal Studies (IMMS), MS (Kathryn Brooks)

Intern, Oceans Campus, South Africa – Marine mega-fauna research (Madeleine Sherman)

Intern, Mystic Aquarium (CT) – Water Quality Lab  (Erin Tully)

Intern, Marine Science Camp (New Logic, LLC) (NJ) (Kevin Dyer)

Volunteer Researcher, White Shark Diving Company, Gansbaai, South Africa – Great White Shark conservation efforts (Michael Blanco)

Intern, Natural Areas Department, Park District of Highland Park IL (Max Zavell)

Watchstander, GSO Inner Space Center (Erin Chille)

IFS Fisheries Observer, collecting data for NOAA and NMFS (Nick Letarte)

Fisheries Specialist/Field Technician, RI Fish and Wildlife. Study funded by NMFS through NOAA to collect data on recreational anglers in Rhode Island (Melina Metaxas)

Intern, Harbor Watch, Westport CT – Water quality monitoring and bacterial analysis in CT waterways and research on Norwalk Harbor as a nursery for winter flounder (Celine Orabi)

Volunteer Diver, Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC), Aquatic Invasives Monitoring Program (RI) (Erin Chille)

Supervising Lifeguard (Captain), Goddard Park (Department of Environmental Management ) (Nicole McAdams)

Lifeguard/Swim Lesson Instructor/Swim Coach, Cumberland-Lincoln Boys and Girls Club, RI (Danielle Jorge)

Head Lifeguard, Medfield Parks and Recreation (MA) (Natascha Borgstein)

What Marine Biology Majors Did in Summer 2016

URI Coastal Fellow – with Dr. Jason Krumholz studying the effects of sound and sonar on commercially viable crustaceans (Darby Pochtar)

URI Coastal Fellow – with graduate student Kelsey James – studying the growth rates of little skates (Alison Frey)

URI Coastal Fellow – with Dr. Austin Humphries working on Gear-Based Management/Fisheries Oceanography in Indonesia (Aditi Tripathy)

URI Coastal Fellow – with Chelsea Duballon, working on  “Oyster Aquaculture in Coastal Lagoons: Subaqueous Soils and Benthic Infauna as Indicators of Ecosystem Impact” (Lauren Salisbury)

URI Coastal Fellow – with Dr. Graham Forrester – working on causes of fish population decline in the Carribean (Morgan Anthony)

EPSCoR SURF Fellow – with Dr. Moseman-Valtierra, working on impacts of nitrogen and warming on shellfish pathogens and nitrogen cycling (Nick Letarte)

EPSCoR SURF Fellow – with Dr. Graham Forrester, in the British Virgin Islands –  working on causes of fish population decline in the Carribean (Christine Gardiner). See URI/CELS News feature here.

EPSCoR SURF Fellow – with Dr. Graham Forrester – working on community recovery after coral restoration (Katie Nickles)

NSF-REU Intern – Bigelow Ocean Science Laboratory, ME. – working with Dr. Lomas looking at genes in plankton (Cynthia Michaud)

NSF-REU Intern – (Rachel Marshall)

NOAA Hollings Intern –  North West Fisheries Science Center, Seattle Washington –  working on”Measuring the Toxicity of Urban Pollution to Aquatic Species” (Jessica Freedman)

Intern/Educator – Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, in Boston (a non-profit organization that’s been working for over 20 years to promote the clean-up of Boston Harbor and the surrounding urban beaches). Camp counselor for inner city youth, providing education about marine biology and ecology of the bay and harbor. See the blog at: http://www.blog.savetheharbor.org (Lucas Crowley, his third summer)

Student – taking Marine Mammal Biology course at the Shoals Marine Lab (www.shoalsmarinelaboratory.org). (Kathryn Brooks)

Crew and Education Staff – on the Oliver Hazard Perry (out of Newport) (Kyle St. Pierre)

Mate – charter boat (Kelsey Law)

Marine Biologist and Mate – Sail Caribbean, in the Virgin Islands. Will set up a couple long-term data sets and teach high school campers and assist with their research projects (Grace Hanson)

Marine Science Instructor – SeaCamp (FL) (Madison Francoeur)

Environmental Educator – at Cedar Island Marina Research Laboratory, teaching about marine biology (Melina Metaxas)

Teacher – Teaching Marine Science at Tabor Academy Summer Program in Marion, MA (Emily Bernstein)

Teacher’s Assistant – for a second grade math class at ‘Iolani Summer School (school in Hawaii) (Madeleine Sherman)

Research Assistant – Darrin Freshwater Institute, Bolton Landing NY – assisting with projects ranging from invasive species research to water quality monitoring and environmental impact research. 50/50 out in the field collecting samples and environmental data, or in the lab going through samples and helping to plan experiments. (Jack Girard)

Lab Assistant – Marine Biology Research Lab, Cedar Island Marina, Clinton, CT – working with summer camps doing field work, identifying specimens, maintaining tanks, and helping run programs. (Melina Metaxas)

Shellfish Assistant – Town of Barnstable (Ann Kelly)

Operations Manager – Brewster Oyster Farm (Grant Simmons)

Intern – Save the Bay (Jessica Bornstein)

Intern – Save the Bay (Steve Tadros)

Intern – RI Department of Environmental Management (Sean Duffey)

Intern – Mystic Aquarium (CT), in Fish & Invertebrate Husbandry (Taylor Perrotta)

Intern – Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital and Dolphin & Whale Hospital, Mote Aquarium, Sarasota, FL – will be involved in all aspects of husbandry care of sea turtles and possibly cetaceans. (Jennie Warrell)

Intern – Long Island Aquarium, Riverhead, NY – assisting in public education and will create new education programs, implement educational outreach programs and assist with toddler and camp programs (Lauren Potak)

Intern – New England Aquarium, marine mammal research and education (Danielle Jordan)

Intern – New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance, Middleboro, MA – doing educational outreach aboard a whale watching vessel and assisting in analysis of data on whales seen on whale watches. I will also assist in marine mammal and sea turtle necropsies as the NECWA collaborates with the New England Aquarium, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and Massachusetts Audubon (Erin Bowman).

Intern – Oceanarium in Bar Harbor, ME (Emily Derome)

Intern – General Dynamics/Electric Boat, Groton CT. Also working as a Watchstander at the Inner Space Center at GSO, and attending the Hollings Scholarship Conference at NOAA in Silver Spring, MD (Johann Becker)

Volunteer – Save the Bay (Alexandra Bruce)

Volunteer – Volunteer, International Student Volunteers and the Wild Mountains Environmental Education and Land Management Organization in Rathdowney, Queensland (Australia) – aiding in constructing and maintaining an education center and improving the integrity and biodiversity of the surrounding ecosystems. Watch Stander, GSO Inner Space Center –  responsible for recording abiotic and biotic occurrences during transmissions from two different ROVs. (Kirsten Fagan)

Volunteer –  Doing research with scientists in the Fiji Shark Conservation Project in Pacific Harbour, Fiji, where I will also get my rescue/divemaster certification and be able to dive with bull sharks and other species.  (Lauren Benoit)

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