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A profile of our incoming freshmen in the BS Marine Biology degree program
 What did marine biology majors do in the summer of:

What Marine Biology Majors Did in Summer 2013

NOAA Hollings Intern – Howard Marine Sciences Laboratory in Sandy Hook, NJ with Dr. Christopher Chambers – Investigating the impacts of climate change on fish early life processes. (Sarah Merolla)

NOAA Hollings Intern – working on “Analysis of Legacy Archived Towed-Diver Imagery to Establish Trends in Benthic Composition Across the Pacific Islands” – Honolulu, HI NOAA Coral Reef Ecosystem Division – will be analyzing images of Pacific Island coral reefs for percent coverage, diversity, and health (Eilea Knotts)

NOAA Hollings Intern – working on “Effect of Dam Removal on Diadromous Fish Recovery and Restoration of Ecosystem Services“, NOAA in Orono, ME. (Michael Canton)

NOAA Hollings Intern – working on “Fostering a Sense of Wonder: Promoting Experiential Learning through Outdoor Discoveries on the Coast of Maine“, Wells Estuarine Reserve in Wells, ME (Benjamin Sevey)

NOAA Hollings Intern – working on “Assessing Risks to Sea Turtle Nesting Sites by Proximity and Type of Coastal Development” at NOAA Headquarters and in Florida and the Carribean (Callie Veelenturf)

NOAA Hollings Intern – working on “Comparison of Water Column height Data obtained from Tsunami Buoy and Wave Glider in the Gulf of Mexico“, National Data Buoy Center, Stennis Space Center, MS (Brenton Wallin, Ocean Engineering, Class of 2014)

RI EPSCoR SURF Fellow (Dr. Moseman-Valtierra’s Lab) - Field and lab work examining responses of greenhouse gas emissions by invasive plants and marine invertebrates (Emily Bishop)

URI Coastal Fellow (Dr. Preisser’s Lab) – working on the parasitic relationship between the eastern hemlock tree and the hemlock wooly adelgid (William Botta)

URI Coastal Fellow (Dr. Irvine’s Lab) – genetic of tunicates; trying to determine if the genetic basis behind a trait in one species of tunicate and trying to manipulate the DNA of another species of tunicate to resemble this trait (Chelsea Stephens)

NSF REU Intern -  at MBL (Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole)  - worked and lived on Plum Island (an NSF LTER) for the TIDES REU Program.  (Nate Andrews)

Research Intern -  Worked on Nantucket for Dr. Peter Boyce monitoring scallop larvae settlement and involving high school students in the work. (Oliver Bender)

Research Assistant – worked at the EPA’s Atlantic Ecology Division on the Bay Campus with Dr. Thornber and Dr. Kolbe –  assessing the evolutionary adaptations of marine organisms to climate change.  (Kaeli Fertal)

Research Assistant  (Dr. Udwary’s lab, College of Pharmacy) comparing the genomes of two species of cyanobacteria that live in different parts of the intertidal zone, one of which is is used in HIV therapies (Emily Thomesen)

Research Assistant  (Scott Buchanan’s lab) working with telemetry on Spotted Turtles, Volunteering at the wildlife clinic and becoming a certified wildlife rehabilitator (Flora Gibbs)

Research Assistant – tagging sharks and data entry, In Ocean City, MD with Mark Sampson, I will be entering up to 25 years of data from sharks that he has collected along with going fishing with him whenever his schedule and my schedule allow for it (Katherine Marr)

Research Assistant - Dr. Thornber’s Lab (Megan McConnville)

Research Assistant – at Colloidal Gen. Inc. at University of Arizona Tech Park; worked on alternative methods of DNA extraction in oysters using magnetic nano particles (Maureen Hayden)

Marine BiologyAquarist Intern - Disney World,  Seas with Nemo and Friends attraction. This includes the care and maintenance of one of the worlds largest aquarium systems, 5.7 MILLION gallons! (Alexandra Moen)

Animal Care and Interpreter Intern - Jenkinson’s Aquarium on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant, NJ (Mary Catherine Rocca)

Marine Educator – Teaching Coastal Camp at Schooner, Inc., New Haven, CT. Working for Simon King-Trudeau URI marine bio alumnus. Teaching camp on the rocky intertidal and marsh zones to kids ages 6-16 (Meagan Leppicello)

Naturalist - Allen Marine Tours in Juneau, Alaska (Teresa Lincoln)

What Marine Biology Majors Did in Summer 2012


URI Coastal Fellow (Dr. Thornber’s lab) working with an invasive algal species, Heterosiphonia japonica. Diving in MA, RI, and CT and doing experiments both in the field and in the lab. (Megan McConville)

URI Coastal Fellow (Dr. Thornber’s lab) working with an invasive algal species, Heterosiphonia japonica. Diving in MA, RI, and CT and doing experiments both in the field and in the lab. (Katherine Rodrigue)

URI Coastal Fellow (Dr. Forrester’s lab) going to the British Virgin Islands to collect data on coral transplants. Will acquire dry suit and dive master certifications and become trained on regulator and tank maintenance (Samantha Musser)

URI Coastal Fellow (Dr. Webb’s lab) working on the anatomy of the lateral line system in African cichlid fishes (Rebecca Scott)

URI Coastal Fellow (Dr. Webb’s lab) working on sensory basis of feeding behavior in African cichlid fishes. (Benjamin Sevey)

URI Coastal Fellow (Dr. Wetherbee’s lab) – Movement patterns of sharks revealed by satellite telemetry. (Maureen Hayden)

URI Coastal Fellow (Dr. Wetherbee’s lab). Working in Delaware Bay studying sand tiger sharks, collecting data on location using trackers that we will place on to the sharks. (Chelsea Stephens)

URI Coastal Fellow (Dr. Moseman-Valtierra’s lab) – examining greenhouse gases that salt marshes emit and their effects on global climate change, includes fieldwork on Cape Cod. (Katharine Egan)

RI EPSCoR SURF Fellow (Dr. Thornber’s lab) Ecological effects of macroalgal blooms in Narragansett Bay. (Emily Bishop)

RI EPSCoR SURF Fellow (Dr. Thornber ‘s lab) –  (Amy Battocletti)

RI EPSCoR SURF Fellow (Dr. Nixon’s lab, GSO) working on Resilience to Sea Level Rise by Coastal Mangrove Systems Under Two Nutrient Enrichment Scenarios  (Ryann Rossi)

RI EPSCoR SURF Fellow (Dr. Forrester’s lab), and specifically we are working on the effects of climate change on coral communities and coral restoration. (Allison Holevoet)

RI EPSCoR SURF Fellow (Dr. Forrester’s lab) Visual and numerical analysis of long-term changes in coral reef communities. See press release:http://www.uri.edu/news/releases/?id=6341. (Sarah Merolla)

NOAA Hollings Intern, at NOAA’s Office of Habitat Conservation and Restoration in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Investigating survival of endangered staghorn coral from coral nurseries (Russell Dauksis)

NSF REU Fellow, University of North Carolina Institute of Marine Science, Moorhead City, NC.  (Callie Veelenturf)

Research Assistant (Smith/Oxley Lab, Chemistry Dept.) Helping to develop methods for trace explosives detection (Katelyn Dash)

Research Intern (Dr. Wetherbee’s lab) working on shark movements. (Eilea Knotts)

Research Assistant (Dr. Menden-Deuer’s lab, GSO) working on multiple filming projects (Megan Ferguson)

Research Intern, Maria Mitchell Association. working with Peter Boyce on Argopecten irradians, the Nantucket Bay Scallop (Oliver Bender)

Intern, Massachusetts Audubon Society, working to protect shorebird habitat on Monomoy Island, Chatham (Megan Nepshinsky)

Intern, Wild Dolphin Project, Jupiter, FLA, including a 10-day research expedition to study Atlantic Spotted Dolphin behavior and communication. (Teegan Innis)

Intern, Pennington Marine Science Center on Santa Catalina Island, CA. Teaching marine science to Boy Scouts and collecting and caring for the temperate marine vertebrates (including sharks) and invertebrate aquaria (Christina Horstmann)

Intern, NYS Dept. Environmental Conservation. Backcountry steward educating people about conservation, and doing general maintenance throughout Moose River Plains Park in the Adirondacks.  (Rebeca Linhart)

Intern, Cape Cod Fisheries Trust, helped establish a cooperative research base with fishermen for a by-catch avoidance program in Chatham on Cape Cod. (Alexa Kretsch, FAVS)

Intern, URI Outreach and Energy Center. (Alethia Hartenstine)

Intern, Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium working with sea turtles and sea horses.  (Elizabeth Walsh)

Intern, Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA. I will be working with Day Campers, narrating and interpreting tanks and pool areas to the public and doing a research project.  (Teresa Lincoln)

Intern, New England Aquarium, Cold Water Gallery. Responsible for feeding, cleaning, and overall maintenance of North Pacific and North Atlantic fish and invertebrate species (Caitlin DelSesto)

Aquarist, Jenkinson Aquarium, Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ. (Vanessa Van Schaik)

Aquarist, New England Aquarium, in the cold marine gallery (Alexandra Moen)

Volunteer, New England Aquarium (Jacqueline Weeks)

Sailing Instructor/Camp Counselor, Camp Nashoba North, Maine (Kristin Horn)

Lifeguard -  (Emily Thomesen)

Marine Educator/Camp Counselor, Save the Bay – will travel to schools and exploration centers teaching about aquatic life and ecology to K-12 students. Will also be a camp counselor running boating trips and beach exploration trips (Nathan Andrews)

Volunteer, Marine Science Center, Ponce Inlet, FLA in the turtle rehabilitation program (Katrina Kleinhans)

Park Naturalist, Beavertail State Park, Jamestown RI (Ryan Kenneally)

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