Marine Biology Lecture Series

Since 2010, the Marine Biology Program has sponsored Friday afternoon lectures (4 pm, in CBLS 010) and other events that cover timely and interesting topics in marine biology, oceanography, and marine conservation, and opportunities for students.

Everyone is encouraged to attend these exciting talks!!!  

Send suggestions for speakers and events to Dr. Webb.

Spring 2018

  • Dr. Elizabeth Craig (Academic Coordinator, Shoals Marine Lab, University of New Hampshire) – Summer 2018 Opportunities at the Shoals Marine Laboratory.
  • Dr. Ross Cunning, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Miami, RSMAS. “The Emergent Biology of Reef Corals Under Global Climate Change”

Fall 2017

  • “What I Did Over My Summer Vacation” – our first annual lightening talk session (5 minute talks) presented by 10 Marine Biology majors discussed their internships and the other adventures they had in Summer 2017. Part of URI Alumni/Family Weekend. 
  • Sean Duffey, Steve Tadros (MBio Class of 2016)  – “Navigating the Real World After Graduation” –  Two MBio alums talked about their new jobs in the real world of marine and environmental sciences after finishing their Masters in Oceanography (5th year BS/MO program).

Spring 2017

  • Dr. Hollie Putnam (Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences) – “Climate Change in the Ocean: How Can Corals Cope?
  • Dr. Elizabeth Craig (Academic Coordinator, Shoals Marine Lab, University of New Hampshire) – Summer 2017 Opportunities at the Shoals Marine Laboratory.
  • David Dawson II (Three Seas Program/Northeastern University) – Presentation on the Three Seas Program

Fall 2016

  • Ashley Marranzino (MS Student, Webb Lab and NSF Graduate Research Fellow) – “Exploring the Deep Sea in the Lab and at Sea”. Ashley talked about her recent discoveries on the sensory biology of deep-sea fishes and her month-long experience as an Intern on the EEV Nautilus off the California coast.
  • Dr. Jim Coyer (Shoals Marine Laboratory) – “Summer 2017 Courses and Internships at the Shoals Marine Laboratory”; two URI students who took courses at the Shoals Lab last summer also offered their perspectives on their experiences.
  • Dr. Justin Richard (PhD student, Sartini lab and now a Post-Doctoral Fellow, FAVS) – “Learning from Whale Snot: Investigating Beluga Whale Reproduction with Minimally Invasive Techniques” – Dr. Richard talked about his remarkable research with the belugas at the Mystic Aquarium.
  • Alexandra Moen – URI Diving Program Information Session – Dec. 2, 2016

Fall 2015

  • Dr. Sophie Van Parijs (NMFS, Woods Hole) – Marine mammal acoustics (SEE:

Fall 2014

  • Alexandra Moen (MBio, Class of 2015, senior).”Swimming with Nemo or … How I Learned to Love Nitrogen”. Alex reported on her extraordinary internship at Walt Disney World where she combined her love of diving with management of large tank systems and training all sorts of fish. NOTE: Alex is now the Assistant Dive Safety Officer at URI. 
  • Dr. Brad Seibel (BioSci, now at U. South Florida) – “Mother Courage & Her Children – Egg Development & Parental Care in the Deep-Sea” – Dr. Seibel talked about his recent discoveries of extreme reproductive strategies in cephalopods.
  • Todd McLeish (URI Communications Office) – “Narwhals: Arctic Whales in a Melting World”- Todd talked about his trips to the Arctic to study Narwhals, which resulted in the publication of his new book of the same title.

Fall 2013

  • Visit of the SSV Corwith Cramer (Sea Education Association) – Open Ship event at the GSO dock.
  • Dr. Ted Durbin (GSO) – “What’s it like to go on an Antarctic Cruise?” – Panel discussion including GSO grad students and two Marine Biology undergraduates who participated in the 2013 cruise.

Fall 2010

  • Dr. Malcolm Spaulding (OCE/GSO) – Timing, technological, and oceanographic issues concerning the Deep Water Horizon – Gulf of Mexico oil spill in May 2010.
  • Dr. John Hare (NOAA/NMFS, Narragansett) – Biological effects of the Deep Water Horizon – Gulf of Mexico oil spill in May 2010.

Other annual events sponsored by the Marine Biology Program

  • NOAA Hollings Scholarship Information Sessions
  • “How to Apply to Graduate School” Sessions
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