Undergraduate Study in Marine Biology

The curriculum for the BS in Marine Biology is designed for students who plan on pursuing marine biology at a professional level and those who would like to use their training in marine biology in the context of a wide range of career options. It encourages students to explore the vast world of marine biology while providing an important foundation in modern biological sciences as well as in chemistry, math, physics and oceanography. Alternatively, students may work towards a BA in Biology (which includes appropriate marine-related courses) or complete a Minor in Marine Biology.

Advising for marine biology majors is provided by faculty and student peer mentors. Our students have been involved in a wide range of academic year and summer job experiences all over the country and beyond.Students are encouraged to carry out independent research in faculty research labs or in the context of off-campus internships.

Semester-long study abroad opportunities for marine biology majors including those at the Bermuda Institute for Ocean Sciences and the SEA Semester Program broaden students’ experiences in the lab, in the field and at sea.

Alumni of the marine biology program have been very successful, continuing their education in graduate school, and working as professionals in all areas of marine and environmental science as University faculty, in K-12 science teaching, in research, administration and outreach in local, state and federal government agencies, and in private industry.

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