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Advising & Mentoring

Marine Biology majors have access to several sources of advising and mentoring:

1)  Freshman Advising is provided through University College (UC; as for all freshmen in the University). Dr. Andrew Cary is currently the UC advisor for Marine Biology majors - you can contact him through the link in E-campus.

Dr. Cary’s Fall 2014 Office Hours: 
 Wed 9-12, Th 1-4, but appointments must be made via E-campus.

The Marine Biology program provides group advising for course registration each fall and spring instead of individual appointments with Dr. Cary (these will be announced via E-mail prior to registration dates).  Bio 130 Instructors and Student Mentors serve as additional advising resources for Freshmen.

When a student has completed 30 credits, has achieved a GPA of > 2.0, and hascompleted BIO 101, 102, 103, 104 with at least a C, and CHM 101 with at least a C-, he/she will be transferred into CELS (College of the Environment and Life Sciences) and will be assigned a permanent faculty advisor from among our marine biology faculty (see below). This generally takes place at the beginning of the Fall of the sophomore year, but may occur later depending on grades.

2)  Faculty Advisors (Dr. Dewsbury, Dr. Ramsay, Dr. Seibel, Dr. Webb, Dr. Wilga) advise sophomores, juniors, and seniors with respect to course choices and graduation requirements, summer and study abroad opportunities, research opportunities, and post-graduation options. Other Marine Biology faculty can be contacted via the Faculty page.

Fall 2014 Faculty Advisor Office Hours: 
Dr. DewsburyMon 3:00 – 5:00 (CBLS 483)
Dr. RamsayMWF 12-2:50 (walk-in; Woodward Rm. 21)
Dr. Seibel - By appointment only (e-mail)
Dr. Webb –  Mon 2:30-4:30 or by app’t (e-mail to set up date/time; CBLS 293)
Dr. Wilga - Mon 3-5, T 10-12, Th 12-2 (walk-in; CBLS 183)

3)  The Program Director (Dr. Webb) is available to all marine biology majors. She sends out a weekly newsletter (“News and Notices”) to all Marine Biology majors via the Marine Biology Program listserv (e-mailing list). These contain important information about course registration, field courses, job and internship opportunities, and other items of interest (e.g., guest lectures, seminars). Any student wanting to be added to the Marine Biology listserv should send an e-mail to: urimbio@mail.uri.edu.

4)  Selected seniors in the Marine Biology Program act as Marine Biology Peer Mentors and provide an experienced student’s perspective for younger students. They provide helpful information on jobs, internships, study abroad and graduate school oportunities.

Mentor for 2014-2015: Emily Bishop
Office Hours (in CELS Student Affairs Office, in CBLS): Wed 11:30-12:30, Th 2-3
E-mail (between mentor and students, only)mbmentor@etal.uri.edu

5) Important Advising Resources:

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About Our Students

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