URI Marine Biology Program

College of the Environment and Life Sciences

Faculty in Marine

College of the Environment and Life Sciences

Biological Sciences

Gabrielle Kass-SimonNeurobiology of invertebrates
Steven IrvineDevelopmental Genetics and Genomics of basal chordates
Christopher LaneGenomics of seaweeds; evolution of basal eukaryotes
Brad SeibelPhysiology of marine invertebrates in extreme environments; global change
Carol ThornberEcology of algae; dynamics of algal blooms
Jacqueline WebbSensory biology and development of fishes
Bradley Wetherbee - Ecology and behavior of elasmobranch fishes
Cheryl WilgaFunctional morphology of elasmobranch fishes

Cell & Molecular Biology

Bethany JenkinsPhytoplankton genomics, physiology and ecology
David NelsonMolecular basis of virulence in Vibrio anguillarum, a bacterial pathogen of fish

Environmental & Natural Resource Economics

James AndersonFisheries and aquacultural economics
Christopher AndersonFisheries economics
John Gates - Fisheries and aquacultural economics; effects of global change
Thomas GrigalunasCoastal and marine resource economics
James OpaluchDecision Research and Policy Simulation; estuarine resources, oil industry and transportation
Cathy RoheimSeafood marketing and international trade in fisheries products.
Jon SutinenHuman dimensions of large marine ecosystems; cooperative management of groundfish resources
Hirotsugu UchidaDevelopment of marine resource management policy; collective self-governance in coastal fisheries
Fisheries, Animal & Veterinary Sciences
David BengtsonAquaculture of marine fishes
David Beutel –  Bycatch reduction and gear design

Terry BradleyFish physiology and finfish aquaculure
Kathleen Castro –  Fisheries science; sustainability

Barry Costa-PierceEcological aquaculture and fisheries science
Marta Gomez-ChiarriAquatic pathology; Infectious diseases of shellfish and finfish
Joseph DeAlterisAquatic resources harvesting technologies; shellfish aquaculture
Michael RicePhysiology of economically important bivalves


Jon Boothroyd  - Coastal geology

Marine Affairs

Richard BurroughsMarine environmental policy; ecosystem management
Timothy HennesseyManagement of estuarine ecosystems and fisheries
Bruce MartiMaritime transportation and port planning and development
Robert ThompsonCoastal planning and management; global climate change and coastal communities
Tracey DaltonManagement and economics of marine protected areas
Lawrence JudaInternational maritime and fisheries law and policy
Dennis NixonAdmiralty, fisheries and coastal zone law
Kristen Fletcher –  Environmental and natural resources law, fishery, ocean and coastal zone law
Seth MacinkoFisheries management; fishing communities
Richard PollnacCoastal marine communities

Natural Resources Science

Peter AugustConservation biology, landscape ecology and its relationship to biodiversity.
Graham ForresterFish ecology and conservation; marine reserves
Francis Golet - Ecology of coastal wetlands
Laura MeyersonCoastal plant ecology and invasives

Nutrition and Food Sciences

Lori Pivarnik  - Seafood quality assessment; seafood technology
Chong LeeSeafood process and product development

College of Pharmacy

David Rowley –  Bioactive compounds in marine microorganisms

College of Arts and Sciences


Rod Mather - Marine archaeology (Atlantic); maritime history
Bridget Buxton -  Marine archaeology (Mediterranean)

Sociology and Anthropology

Kristine Bovy - Coastal archaeology; zooarchaeology

Graduate School of Oceanography (GSO)

Robert Ballard - Maritime archaeology; ocean exploration technologies
Lawrence Buckley - Offshore fisheries
Robert Campbell  - Zooplankton ecology; bowhead whale feeding
Jeremy Collie  - Fish population dynamics; quantitative ecology
Steven D’Hondt  - Chemical evolution of the ocean and atmosphere; global change
Percy Donaghay  - Plankton ecology; patch dynamics
Edward Durbin  - Zooplankton and fish ecology; food chain dynamics
Robert Kenney - Marine vertebrate ecology, behavior and conservation
William Macy  - Bioenergetics of squid and fishes
Lucie Maranda  - Dinoflagellate ecology, physiology and life history; ballast water and marine invasives
Susanne Menden-Deuer  - Plankton behavior and ecology
Scott Nixon  - Productivity and biogeochemical cycling of coastal ecosystems
Candace Oviatt -  Ecology of coastal ecosystems
Tatiana Rynearson -  Ecological and evolutionary processes shaping genetic diversity in the plankton
Theodore Smayda - Phytoplankton ecology and physiology
David Smith -  Marine microbial ecology
Jennifer Specker -  Endocrinology of fishes
James Sullivan - Ocean optics, phytoplankton physiology and ecology
Karen Wishner -  Marine zooplankton ecology; deep sea biology
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