Faculty in Marine

College of the Environment and Life Sciences

Biological Sciences

Gabrielle Kass-Simon – Neurobiology of invertebrates
Steven Irvine – Developmental Genetics and Genomics of basal chordates
Christopher Lane – Genomics of seaweeds; evolution of basal eukaryotes
Brad Seibel – Physiology of marine invertebrates in extreme environments; global change
Carol Thornber – Ecology of algae; dynamics of algal blooms
Jacqueline Webb – Sensory biology and development of fishes
Bradley Wetherbee – Ecology and behavior of elasmobranch fishes
Cheryl Wilga – Functional morphology of elasmobranch fishes

Cell & Molecular Biology

Bethany Jenkins – Phytoplankton genomics, physiology and ecology
David NelsonMolecular basis of virulence in Vibrio anguillarum, a bacterial pathogen of fish

Environmental & Natural Resource Economics

James Anderson – Fisheries and aquacultural economics
Christopher Anderson – Fisheries economics
John Gates – Fisheries and aquacultural economics; effects of global change
Thomas Grigalunas – Coastal and marine resource economics
James Opaluch – Decision Research and Policy Simulation; estuarine resources, oil industry and transportation
Cathy Roheim – Seafood marketing and international trade in fisheries products.
Jon Sutinen – Human dimensions of large marine ecosystems; cooperative management of groundfish resources
Hirotsugu Uchida – Development of marine resource management policy; collective self-governance in coastal fisheries
Fisheries, Animal & Veterinary Sciences
David Bengtson – Aquaculture of marine fishes
David Beutel –  Bycatch reduction and gear design

Terry Bradley – Fish physiology and finfish aquaculure
Kathleen Castro –  Fisheries science; sustainability

Barry Costa-Pierce – Ecological aquaculture and fisheries science
Marta Gomez-Chiarri – Aquatic pathology; Infectious diseases of shellfish and finfish
Joseph DeAlteris – Aquatic resources harvesting technologies; shellfish aquaculture
Michael Rice – Physiology of economically important bivalves


Jon Boothroyd  – Coastal geology

Marine Affairs

Richard Burroughs – Marine environmental policy; ecosystem management
Timothy Hennessey – Management of estuarine ecosystems and fisheries
Bruce Marti – Maritime transportation and port planning and development
Robert Thompson – Coastal planning and management; global climate change and coastal communities
Tracey Dalton – Management and economics of marine protected areas
Lawrence Juda – International maritime and fisheries law and policy
Dennis Nixon – Admiralty, fisheries and coastal zone law
Kristen Fletcher –  Environmental and natural resources law, fishery, ocean and coastal zone law
Seth Macinko – Fisheries management; fishing communities
Richard Pollnac – Coastal marine communities

Natural Resources Science

Peter August – Conservation biology, landscape ecology and its relationship to biodiversity.
Graham Forrester – Fish ecology and conservation; marine reserves
Francis Golet – Ecology of coastal wetlands
Laura Meyerson – Coastal plant ecology and invasives

Nutrition and Food Sciences

Lori Pivarnik  – Seafood quality assessment; seafood technology
Chong Lee – Seafood process and product development

College of Pharmacy

David Rowley –  Bioactive compounds in marine microorganisms

College of Arts and Sciences


Rod Mather – Marine archaeology (Atlantic); maritime history
Bridget Buxton –  Marine archaeology (Mediterranean)

Sociology and Anthropology

Kristine Bovy – Coastal archaeology; zooarchaeology

Graduate School of Oceanography (GSO)

Robert Ballard – Maritime archaeology; ocean exploration technologies
Lawrence Buckley – Offshore fisheries
Robert Campbell  – Zooplankton ecology; bowhead whale feeding
Jeremy Collie  – Fish population dynamics; quantitative ecology
Steven D’Hondt  – Chemical evolution of the ocean and atmosphere; global change
Percy Donaghay  – Plankton ecology; patch dynamics
Edward Durbin  – Zooplankton and fish ecology; food chain dynamics
Robert Kenney – Marine vertebrate ecology, behavior and conservation
William Macy  – Bioenergetics of squid and fishes
Lucie Maranda  – Dinoflagellate ecology, physiology and life history; ballast water and marine invasives
Susanne Menden-Deuer  – Plankton behavior and ecology
Scott Nixon  – Productivity and biogeochemical cycling of coastal ecosystems
Candace Oviatt –  Ecology of coastal ecosystems
Tatiana Rynearson –  Ecological and evolutionary processes shaping genetic diversity in the plankton
Theodore Smayda – Phytoplankton ecology and physiology
David Smith –  Marine microbial ecology
Jennifer Specker –  Endocrinology of fishes
James Sullivan – Ocean optics, phytoplankton physiology and ecology
Karen Wishner –  Marine zooplankton ecology; deep sea biology
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