Fisheries and Population Dynamics

Flounder embryos
Flounder embryos. Credit Jennifer Specker.

Understanding exploited fish and invertebrate population dynamics relies on indirect estimates of abundance in relation to biological, environmental, and harvesting factors affecting fluctuations in populations. GSO fisheries oceanographers develop reliable methodologies for robust fish stock assessment from commercial catch and survey data. Multispecies, age-structured statistical analyses (such as from the Georges Bank fish community), and adaptive management strategies for specific species provide tools to fisheries regulators and managers to ensure stewardship of living resources.

A school of alewives in the Narrow River
A school of alewives in the Narrow River. Photograph by Jerry Prezioso.

GSO’s marine mammal research incorporates surveys, data analysis, and environmental assessment of the North Atlantic right whale population offers data to help identify the potential impacts of wind farms, other offshore development, and naval training activities on this protected marine species.