Micro-Analytical Geochemistry at GSO

The Micro-Analytical Geochemistry Lab at GSO is a state-of the art facility, housing LA-ICP-MS and FTIR instruments for the analysis of geological, biological, hydrological, archaeological, and extraterrestrial materials for a variety of chemical attributes over a range of spatial scales. This laboratory is an open facility to outside users, so please contact Katie Kelley if you have questions or are interested in scheduling analytical time.

Our LA-ICP-MS system is a Thermo X-Series 2 quadrupole ICP-MS coupled with a New Wave UP213 Nd-YAG laser ablation system, for trace element analysis of solutions and solid samples. The laser achieves spot size resolution from as large as 160 µm to as small as 20µm.

View the current ICP-MS schedule to check availability.

Our FTIR system is a Thermo Nicolet iS50 FTIR bench spectrometer coupled with a Continuum IR microscope, for analysis of C-O-H compounds in natural and synthetic materials. The microscope is equipped with 250 µm and 50 µm MCT-A detectors, and has automated mapping capability.

View the current FTIR schedule to check availability.