Teaching & Outreach

In the classroom and beyond, we strive to communicate essential aspects of our science to URI students at graduate and undergraduate levels, and to the broader public at large. Learn here about our group’s efforts across these diverse platforms.

Graduate and Undergraduate Education

I teach six courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels at URI:

  • OCG131G: Volcanoes and the Environment
  • OCG/GEO 525: Chemistry of the Earth (w/ A. Spivack)
  • OCG 540: Geological Oceanography (w/ R. Robinson)
  • OCG 628: High-Temperature Geochemistry
  • OCG 643: Subduction Zones (w/ C/ Kincaid)
  • OCG 645: Petrology of the Oceanic Crust

Students enrolled in these courses can access web content related to each class through Brightspace.

Public Outreach

We aim to communicate our science to the general public through local outreach activities, and through opportunities afforded by our ties with the Smithsonian Institution. Check back soon for updates on our activities!