Welcome to the Kelley Group at GSO

Our research focuses on what volcanoes can tell us about how the Earth’s interior works. We use samples of lava, from both submarine and subaerial volcanoes, to study the composition of the Earth’s mantle and the processes that form magma beneath the surface.

Interested in joining our group? Contact Katie for information on current student opportunities!

Who Are We?

Headshot of Katherine Kelley.


Katie Kelley

Professor of Oceanography
Director, GSO Micro-Analytical Geochemistry Lab
Rock Curator, GSO Marine Geological Samples Laboratory
CACS Lab 212

Photo of Janine Andrys.


Janine Andrys

Ph.D. Student


Lab Alumnae


Megan Lubetkin

MS, 2019

Current Position: Science Manager, Ocean Exploration Trust


Amanda Bednarick


Graduate student somewhere TBD!!


Wei Wang

Visiting Student

Current Position: Postdoc, Northwestern University China


Marion Le Voyer

Postdoctoral Fellow

Current Position: Science Educator, Smithsonian Institution


Zoe Gentes

M.S., 2015

Current Position: STEPPE Intern, GSA Boulder


Maryjo Brounce

Ph.D., 2014

GeoPRISMS AGU Student Prize Awardee, 2012
AGU Tectonophysics Section Student Prize Awardee, 2012
2015 URI Graduate School Excellence in Doctoral Research Award


Marion Lytle

Ph.D., 2013

Current Position: Lab Manager, Miami University