Kelley Group Publications:

Waters, Cottrell, Coombs & Kelley, J. Pet., in revision:
Generation of Calc-Alkaline Magmas During Crystallization at High Oxygen Fugacity: An Experimental and Petrologic Study of Tephras from Buldir Volcano, Western Aleutian Arc, Alaska, USA

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Oxygen fugacity across tectonic settings

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Potassium isotope systematics of oceanic basalts

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Carbon fluxes and primary magma CO2 contents along the global mid-ocean ridge system

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Carbon in the Convecting Mantle

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The redox budget of the Mariana subduction zone

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Determination of Fe3+/ΣFe of XANES basaltic glass standards by Mössbauer spectroscopy and its application to the oxidation state of iron in MORB

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Interplay of crystal fractionation, sulfide saturation and oxygen fugacity on the iron isotope composition of arc lavas: An example from the Marianas

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Nontronite-bearing tubular hydrothermal deposits from a Galapagos seamount

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A Mössbauer-based XANES calibration for hydrous basalt glasses reveals radiation-induced oxidation of Fe

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Exploring and Mapping the Revillagigedo Archipelago World Heritage Site in Mexico

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Peridotites and basalts reveal broad congruence between two independent records of mantle f O2 despite local redox heterogeneity

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Olivine-melt relationships and syneruptive redox variations in the 1959 eruption of Kīlauea Volcano as revealed by XANES

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Forearc Peridotites from Tonga Record Heterogeneous Oxidation of the Mantle following Subduction Initiation

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S, Se and Te contents of basalts from the Reykjanes Ridge and SW Iceland Rift Zone

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Cruise Report: 2015 Western Aleutians

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Heterogeneity in mantle carbon content from CO2-undersaturated basalts

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Exploring the “Sharkano”: Biogeochemical Observations of the Kavachi Submarine Volcano (Solomon Islands)

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The Fina Nagu Volcanic Complex: Unusual submarine arc volcanism in the rapidly deforming southern Mariana margin

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From passive degassing to violent Strombolian eruption: the case of the 2008 eruption of Llaima volcano, Chile

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The role of crustal and eruptive processes versus source variations in controlling the oxidation state of iron in Central Andean magmas

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Temporal evolution of mantle wedge oxygen fugacity during subduction initiation

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Deeply dredged submarine HIMU glasses from the Tuvalu Islands, Polynesia: Implications for volatile budgets of recycled oceanic crust

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Tsunami recurrence in the eastern Alaska-Aleutian arc: a Holocene stratigraphic record from Chirikof Island, Alaska

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Composition of the slab-derived fluids released beneath the Mariana forearc: Evidence for shallow dehydration of the subducting plate

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The terrestrial uranium isotope cycle

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The effect of primary versus secondary processes on the volatile content of MORB glasses: an example from the equatorial Mid-Atlantic Ridge (5°N-3°S)

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Variations in Fe3+/∑Fe ratios of Mariana Arc basalts and mantle wedge fO2

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Volatile cycling of H2O, CO2, F, and Cl in the HIMU mantle: A new window provided by melt inclusions from oceanic hot spot lavas at Mangaia, Cook Islands

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Basaltic volcaniclastics from the Challenger Deep forearc segment, Mariana convergent margin: Implications for tectonics and magmatism of the southernmost Izu–Bonin–Mariana arc

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Inside Earth runs hot and cold

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Sulfur degassing at Erta Ale (Ethiopia) and Masaya (Nicaragua) volcanoes: Implications for degassing processes and oxygen fugacities of basaltic systems
doi: 10.1002/ggge.20255

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Nature and distribution of slab-derived fluids and mantle sources beneath the Southeast Mariana forearc rift

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Geodynamic evolution of a forearc rift in the southernmost Mariana arc

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Redox heterogeneity in MORB as a function of mantle source

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Composition of plume-influenced mid-ocean ridge lavas and glasses from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, East Pacific Rise, Galápagos Spreading Center, and Gulf of Aden

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The stable vanadium isotope composition of the mantle and mafic lavas

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Heterogeneities from the first 100 million years recorded in deep mantle noble gases from the Northern Lau Back-arc Basin

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Why do mafic arc magmas contain ~ 4 wt% water on average?

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Tracing mantle sources and Samoan influence in the northwestern Lau back-arc basin

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The sources of volatile and fluid-mobile elements in the Sunda arc: A melt inclusion study from Kawah Ijen and Tambora volcanoes, Indonesia

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The influence of magmatic differentiation on the oxidation state of Fe in a basaltic arc magma

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The oxidation state of Fe in MORB glasses and the oxygen fugacity of the upper mantle

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Along-arc variations in the pre-eruptive H2O contents of Mariana arc magmas Inferred from fractionation paths

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Mantle melting as a function of water content beneath the Mariana arc

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Fore‐arc basalts and subduction initiation in the Izu‐Bonin‐Mariana system

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Spherulite crystallization induces Fe-redox redistribution in silicic melt

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High-precision determination of iron oxidation state in silicate glasses using XANES

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Water and the oxidation state of subduction zone magmas

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Hydrogen isotopes in Mariana arc melt inclusions: Implications for subduction dehydration and the deep-Earth water cycle

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High water contents in basaltic magmas from Irazú Volcano, Costa Rica

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Subduction Factory: Understanding the role of water flux in arc systems

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Chemical composition of sediments subducting at the Izu-Bonin trench

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Mantle melting as a function of water content beneath back-arc basins

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Understanding cratonic flood basalts

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Geochemistry of serpentinized peridotites from the Mariana Forearc Conical Seamount, ODP Leg 125: Implications for the elemental recycling at subduction zones

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Subduction Cycling of U, Th, and Pb

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The oceanic crust as a bioreactor

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Composition of altered oceanic crust at ODP Sites 801 and 1149

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Probing the Pacific’s oldest MORB glass: mantle chemistry and melting conditions during the birth of the Pacific Plate

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Evolution of crust and mantle beneath the Bering Sea region: Evidence from xenoliths and late Cenozoic basalts