Analytical Services

A number of research laboratories can provide analytical services on a per sample basis or by arrangement.

CHN Analyses

Analyses of filtered particles, sediments, and tissues are done with an Exeter Analytical CE-440 elemental analyzer. Sample preparation may be arranged. Please inquire regarding cost per sample. For further information contact:

Roger Kelly
Telephone: 401-874-6273

Organic Compounds and Black Carbon Analyses

Organic analysis of petroleum compounds, biomarkers, and environmental organic contaminants are done with an Agilent GC-MS or a Waters’ GC-MS/MS for compound identification and quantification. Extensive QA/QC protocols are in place for a wide range of organic contaminants, including PAHs, alkanes, PCBs, OCPs, dioxins and furans, PBDEs, triclosan and other emerging contaminants. In addition, soils, sediment, and filter samples can be analyzed for black carbon using either CTO-375 or pyrene fluorescence loss method. The laboratory has complete extraction and preparation facilities for water, tissue or sediment/soil samples, including ASE extraction and several Turbovap units. For further information contact:

Dr. Rainer Lohmann
Telephone: 401-874-6612

Nutrient Analyses

Nutrient analysis for dissolved and particulate nutrients in water may be arranged through the GSO Marine Ecosystems Research Laboratory (MERL) or the Marine Science Research Facility (MSRF). Automated analysis of phosphate, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, and silicate is available. For further information contact:

Dr. Candace Oviatt (MERL)
Telephone: 401-874-6132


Laura Reed

The GSO ICPMS Laboratory

The GSO ICPMS Lab is available for geochemical and environmental trace element analyses. The laboratory includes clean rooms for preparation of solution-based samples and a Thermo X-Series II Quadrapole ICPMS. Sample introduction apparatus include: standard and low-flow nebulizer/spray chambers; Desovating Nebulizer; Hydride Generator; and a New Wave UP-213 Laser Ablation System. The laboratory is open to University and outside users. For further information contact:

Dr. Katherine Kelley
Telephone: 401-874-6838