Metcalf Names 2011 Grantham Prize Winner

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URI’s Metcalf Institute administers The Grantham Prize for Excellence in Reporting on the Environment, the world’s largest cash prize for environmental journalism. James Astill of The Economist will receive US$75,000 for “The World’s Lungs: Forests, and How to Save Them,” a commanding 8-part special report on the state of global forests and the rising threats they face from human exploitation and climate change. Prize Jurors described Astill’s report as “meticulously researched and a thoroughly reported series deserving acclaim for spotlighting forests as an often-misunderstood component of the international debate on climate change policy.” The Grantham Prize was established to encourage high quality environmental journalism in all media, while drawing attention to the subjects of the prize-winning stories, increasing public awareness and understanding of environmental issues.