Bid Information

The University of Rhode Island utilizes the State of Rhode Island Division of Purchases, Rhode Island Vendor Information Program (RIVIP) for posting the university’s Public Bid solicitations and awards. If you have not registered with us or are not registered for a specific commodity but would still like to submit a Bid response for a current solicitation, see instructions below to download a URI Active Bid. If you would like to register with the University of Rhode Island’s Purchasing Department and receive Public Bid solicitations for specific commodities via email, please visit our Vendor Registration webpage for instructions.

To access and/or download URI Active Bids:

  1. Go to the State of RI Division of Purchases
  2. Find the”University of Rhode Island” under ‘Solicitation Entities’
  3. Enter any criteria or click ‘Search’ for all public bids
  4. Click on Solicitation Number to open pdf file


To access URI bid results:

Bid results may be viewed after award(s) have been made.

  1. Go to the State of RI Division of
  2. Find the”University of Rhode Island” under ‘Solicitation Entities’
  3. Change the Bid Status to ‘Awarded’
  4. Click ‘Search’ to view the entire listing of Awarded Bids or narrow your search criteria by entering a specific Bid Number
  5. Under ‘Solicitation Status’ click on ‘Awarded’ to view Bid results


Vendor Bid Information

 Bid Number Description
101220A2 Excel Bid Sheet for Snow Removal – updated 10-12-22 per Addendum 2
100971PH2PLANS Plans and Schematics for Bid 100971 Phase 2
100971PH2SPECS Specifications for Bid 100971 Phase 2
100971PH1 RFQ Worksheets
100928A2 Snow Plowing Excel Bid Sheets
100841Drawings1 Beaupre – Robinson Lab_Stamped Drawings_2019.0524-1of3
100841Drawings2 Beaupre – Robinson Lab_Stamped Drawings_2019.0524-2of3
100841Drawings3 Beaupre – Robinson Lab_Stamped Drawings_2019.0524-3of3
100829Technical RFP 100829 – TECHNICAL_PROPOSAL_Market_Basket 
100829Cost RFP 100829 – COST_PROPOSAL_Market_Basket
100658 Bid 100658 – Section 3 Document
100655 Bid 100655 – Zip Code Listing
100643PlansA  Bid 100643 – Site Safety Rules
100643PlansB  Bid 100643 – Materials Specifications
100643PlansC  Bid 100643 – Bliss Hall Drawings
100643PlansD-1  Bid 100643 – COE Specifications
100643PlansD-2  Bid 100643 – COE A Drawings
100643PlansD-3  Bid 100643 – COE Electrical Plans
100643PlansD-4  Bid 100643 – COE Telecom Drawings
100672PlansA Bid 100672 – Site Safety Rules
100672PlansB Bid 100672 – Materials Specifications
100672PlansC Bid 100672 – Bliss Hall Drawings
100672PlansD-1 Bid 100672 – COE Specifications
100672PlansD-2 Bid 100672 – COE Drawings
100672PlansD-3 Bid 100672 – COE Electrical Plans