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Assistant Professor of Oceanography

Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry


Marine Research Specialist

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Graduate Students

Ph.D. Student

Advisor: Hongjie Wang

Ph.D. Student

Advisor: Hongjie Wang

Lab Alumni

Olivia Rebernik

My name is Olivia Rebernik. I am a rising senior at the Rutgers University Honors College with a major in marine geology and a minor in ecology, evolution, and natural resources. Previously, I have worked on research related to nutrient cycling in the Amundsen Sea in Antarctica, as well as using ostracod fossils as a proxy for the climate record in the Lake Turkana Basin in Kenya. I am very excited to be working with Dr. Wang this summer on the effect of oyster shell dissolution on ocean acidification. In addition to my academic interests, I love music and am the program director at 90.3 The Core, a community radio station at Rutgers.

Georgia Ahumada

Hi, I’m Georgia Ahumada (she/her), an undergraduate student majoring in Marine Science and Biology with a Chemistry minor at the University of Miami. This summer at the University of Rhode Island, I will examine the carbon cycle and pH to quantify estimates of ocean acidification in Narragansett Bay with Abby Baskind, a Ph.D. student in Hongjie Wang’s lab.