Dean’s Excellence Awards

Each year, the College of Business recognizes the outstanding contributions of faculty and staff in support of the College’s mission.

These awards recognize the outstanding contributions in the areas of Undergraduate Teaching, Graduate Teaching, Research, Service, and Administrative Support. Recipients in each award category receive a monetary award in recognition of their outstanding contributions. A COB faculty or staff member is eligible to receive only one award each year


COB faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends may submit nominations for the awards. Nominators and nominees will be asked to provide materials that support their candidacy for an award. After reviewing nominees and supporting materials, the Hall of Fame and Awards Committee will forward its recommendations to the Dean of the College.

Award Eligibility

Teaching, Research, or Service

  • Nominee must be a COB faculty member (FT) or an administrator. Part-time faculty must have taught for at least two academic years. Tenured and non-tenured faculty are eligible.

Administrative Support

  • Nominee must serve in a full-time supporting role in the College and must have demonstrated excellence in service to students, faculty, and the administrative team.

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria for these awards can include—but are not limited to—the following. Meeting all criteria is not required.

College of Business Undergraduate, Graduate, and Outstanding New Teacher Award

  • Be an accomplished teacher.
  • Demonstrate an impact on their discipline, on their students, and on the programs and activities of the College and University.
  • Introduce new innovations in courses taught.
  • Teach effectively, measured by student evaluations.
  • Recipient of past teaching awards or honors.
  • Letters from students and alumni.
  • Evidence of continuous improvement in courses taught.
  • Development of teaching/instructional materials.

Research Award

  • Achieve a nationally recognized scholarly professional record.
  • Demonstrate productivity in research.
  • Publish several significant articles or other works of scholarship.
  • Have visibility as a scholar within their field.
  • Demonstrate success in acquiring external funds for research.
  • Receive recognition by professional organizations for scholarly work.

Clay V. Sink Service Award

  • Make significant contributions to their profession in ways other than teaching or research.
  • Contribute directly to the advancement of the College, University, professional organizations, and the community.
  • Have a significant impact on COB programs.
  • Show leadership in promoting COB programs and activities.

Administrative Service Award

  • Have a significant impact on the programs of the College.
  • Show leadership in furthering COB programs and activities.
  • Be a model of professionalism in carrying out responsibilities.
  • Demonstrate outstanding rapport when interacting with students.
  • Have the respect of the COB faculty, staff, and administrative team.
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