Plastics are everywhere on the Narragansett Bay Coast

Doctoral student, Victoria Fulfer, along with undergraduate student, Nicole Messerlian, have been examining coastal sediments to understand where plastics are present and at what concentrations. While macroplastic (>25 cm) amd mesoplastic (5-25 cm) are widespread, they are not as ubiquitous and numerous as the tiny fragments and fibers we see everywhere in Narraganset Bay sediments.

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Mapping the Philippines

David Lagomasino and J.P. Walsh, in collaboration with Rene Abesamis (Silliman University), Vivien Facunla and others from the USAID Fish Right Program, are working to create a remote sensing approach to map coastal habitat change in the Philippines.  Mangroves, seagrasses and coral reefs are critical to ecosystem sustainability, fisheries and tourism.  This November, the team […]

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Conery Defends Ph.D.

Ian Conery defended his doctoral thesis, “From Dunes to Shelf Deposits: A Multidisciplinary Investigation of Coastal Sand Management in NC”  in April 2019 at East Carolina University’s Coastal Studies Institute.  Ian’s dissertation focused on beach-dune sedimentary processes, offshore sand resources and economic aspects of beach nourishment.  Understanding sand dynamics on barrier islands is critical for […]

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Johanna Jupin Defends Project

Visiting French MS Student Jupin Successfully Defends Project Johanna Jupin from the Université de Bordeaux arrived to  CRC/GSO/URI in January 2018 to complete a required research internship for her MS (They do things differently in France.)   Johanna worked tremendously hard.  Her project focused on quantifying salt marsh sedimentation and shoreline changes at various sites in […]

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