Branding and Identity Toolkit

As part of the University of Rhode Island (URI) the Graduate School of Oceanography (GSO) speaks to a unique set of audiences. Best practices in branding and identity make clear the school’s relationship to URI and helps build recognition and familiarity among GSO’s own audiences.

A branding system of URI graphics, copywriting and usage guidelines was published by URI’s external relations and communications office in 2008, revised in 2016, and is in effect today. (The handbook for that university-wide system is available here.) When applied correctly and consistently, an identity system conveys a unified look and voice for the institution as a whole.

Additional elements, samples, and guidelines for branding and identity of GSO are readily accessible below. This collection augments the URI system with GSO-specific components.

You are encouraged to use these files and associated advice when incorporating references to GSO in your own publications, such as a presentation or Web pages. Please contact GSO Public Engagement if you’d like additional information or assistance.