State and Regional Forestry Initiatives

Rhode Island Forest Conservators’ Organization

  • RIFCO sponsors events and projects to support landowner education and conservation of Rhode Island woodlands

Forestry Careers & Degrees: A Guide for Students

  • Information about how to pursue a career in forestry.

New England/New York Forestry Initiative – NRCS

  • The Natural Resource Conservation Service has launched this initiative to protect drinking water, boost local economies, and protect wildlife in the northeast. The program relies on volunteer landowners and managers to implement better management practices. NRCS provides technical and financial incentives for this initiative through various landowner programs.

Connecticut’s Young Forest and Shrubland Initiative

  • Connecticut’s DEEP aims to increase young forests and shrublands, or early successional habitat, within the state. Southern New England was historically abundant in early successional habitat, so CT plans to increase currents levels to support threatened species such as the New England Cottontail.

Quiet Corner Initiative

  • Yale University’s local forestry initiative, based out of the school’s Yale-Meyers Forest in Eastford, CT, enlists neighboring landowners to practice good forest management through educational seminars, student relations, and technical assistance.

Wildlands and Woodlands

  • This vision for New England was launched as a 50-year plan to retain 70% of the area in forest cover. To achieve this goal, Wildlands and Woodlands supports efforts for permanent protection and conservation, through conservation easements and working woodlands.

New England Forest Policy Group

  • Read the 2013 Forest Policy Agenda for New England – this group prioritizes the improvements and changes needed to keep our economy and resource management moving forward.

Massachusetts Forest Alliance

  • This alliance joins local foresters, wood producers, and landowners to find solutions for forest policy reform in Massachusetts. The organization promotes good stewardship and a strong forest economy.

MassConn Sustainable Forest Partnership

  • This collaboration of land trusts, foresters, and other private and municipal conservation organizations promotes sustainable forestry practices and identifies key areas for protection in Connecticut and Massachusetts.