Local Businesses

Here’s where you can explore local Rhode Island businesses related to wood products and wildlife by selecting one of the categories to the left.

Why should you support local businesses?

Woodland businesses make a major contribution to the economy of Rhode Island.  In 2019, URI conducted a study of the economic impact of the forest and wood products sector in Rhode Island and concluded that it was responsible for $716.4 million of economic output and 4,844 jobs throughout Rhode Island!  To view the full report, click here.

Buying local is a great way to support your community’s economy and boost connectivity throughout Rhode Island. The state’s woodland businesses rely upon our support to keep the state forested and to continue to provide high quality products and services. Buying local also helps our carbon footprint by reducing the fuel necessary to travel and transport goods.

What can Rhode Island businesses provide for you?

Besides providing security for the conservation of our woodland resources, Rhode Island businesses provide sustainably harvested lumber, paper, firewood, mushrooms, ginseng, maple syrup, and a variety of other forest products. Services include forest management consulting by certified foresters; timber harvesting by local woods operators; and lumber and milling by permanent or portable sawmills. Visit a business category on the left today to start supporting your local woodland economy.

Conditions for using this website?

The organizations responsible for Rhode Island Woods do not endorse or support any individual professionals listed on this site. We simply list the businesses under each category in alphabetical order. Additional businesses who would like to be included in this website can submit their information by using our Submit Your Business function.

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