Technology and Applications

Web sites


Learn key plant identifiers for field ID or identify a found specimen using a dichotomous key; Search for species by common name, Latin name, or family

Computer Programs

US Forest Service Inventory Program (NED-2)

Download NED2 to analyze forest inventory data, plan a harvest, or experiment with hypothetical inventory data

Smartphone Applications

Outsmart Invasive Species

Identify invasive species on the go; this application includes video commentary to help with identification, a submission function to the Outsmart database, and a fun way to keep your mind active in the woods

Audubon Wildflowers Smartphone Application

Learn about New England wildflowers out in the field; ID tips and species’ habitat information are included

Audubon Birds Smartphone Application

Find species habitat information or identify birds by shape, family, or vocalizations; learn common and rare species; track your sightings by date and location

Forest Pest Smartphone Application

Track invasive and native forest pests; help monitor your woodland’s health or strengthen your identification skills; look for signs of pest damage and outbreaks