Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Navindra Seeram, Ph.D, Department Chair

Graduate Programs

The Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences offers M.S. and Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences degrees with three specializations. A number of interdisciplinary as well as specialized courses are built into the curriculum to prepare the students for diverse career opportunities in industry, academia, and government agencies.

Course offered through the department

Faculty & Staff

Assistant Professor

Office: 495A Lab: 490

Assistant Professor, George & Anne Ryan Institute for Neuroscience

Associate Teaching Professor

Office: 395E

Coordindator, RI-INBRE

Office: 495E

Research Associate III, RI-INBRE

Office: 405

Assistant Professor

Office: 495M Lab: 420

Research Assistant Professor & RI-INBRE Research Core Facility Director

Office: 405 Lab: 405

Associate Professor

Office: 395L Lab: 480


Office: 395B Lab: 470

Director INBRE and Professor

Office: 495J Lab: 450

Assistant Professor

Ryan Research Assistant Professor

Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, George & Anne Ryan Institute for Neuroscience


Office: 395C Lab: 350

Assistant Professor


Lecturer, Director of the Certificate Program in Cannabis Studies

Office: 395N

Assistant Professor

Office: 395K Lab: 320

Research Assistant Professor

Office: 395A Lab 440

401.874.2711 (office) 401.874.7654 (lab)

Assistant Professor Research, INBRE Bioinformatics Core Coordinator

Office: 495K

Professor, Director of the BSPS Program

Office: 495L Lab: 320

Associate Professor

Garden Coordinator

Office: 183

Associate Professor, Paramaz Avedisian Endowed Chair in Medicinal Organic Chemistry, Director of Graduate Programs

Office: 495N

Research Assistant Professor & Research Coordinator

Office: 230F Lab: 490

401.874.2924 (lab)

Assistant Professor

Office: 004

Associate Professor

Chem Eng / BPS

Assistant Professor

Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences / Chemical Engineering

BPS Department Administrator / Higher Education Administrative Assistant II

Office: 245B

Assistant Professor

Office: SSRC 004
Lab: Beaupre 470

Assistant Professor



Psychology / BPS


Assistant Professor

Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, George & Anne Ryan Institute for Neuroscience


Office: 495B Lab: 430

Research Assistant Professor

Office: 230F Lab: 370

BPS Department Chair and Professor

Office: 245A Lab: 440

Professor Emeritus and Former Founding Director of RI-INBRE

Associate Professor

Office: 495C Lab: 460

Professor, Director of Research Development

Office: 395D Lab: 340

Professor & Vice President for Research and Economic Development

Herrmann Professor of Neuroscience


Office: 395F Lab: 380

Faculty Mentoring Program

It is the department’s policy to provide effective mentoring for their new faculty. It is critical for the department to provide support for new faculty in providing guidance for setting up their research programs and obtaining outside funding for that program. It is the departments’ policy to assign a research mentor with in the first month that new faculty arrives. Other mentoring services such as social facilitative support will be provided by the chair or designee.

The research mentor will be a recognized expert in the faculty members’ research field. If the faculty member is assigned a mentor through a special grant program or University program, the research mentor will be the same individual.

The Chair will provide incentives indicating that mentoring is a priority. These include departmental recognition, and providing support for the mentors and mentees to meet over lunch.

The University’s ADVANCE Office will help provide formal mentor and mentee training.