Department of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Research

Kerry LaPlante, Pharm.D., FCCP, FIDSA Department Chair


The Department of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Research is committed to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. Through innovative teaching methods, the Department provides the skills necessary to foster critical thinking and the optimal use of medications, while promoting professionalism. The Department provides leadership and service to the University, the community, and healthcare professionals through the provision of patient care, educational activities, and participation in professional and governmental organizations.

The department offers M.S. and Ph.D. level degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a specialization in Health Outcomes. This specialization trains students to conduct and advance health systems research. The faculty and graduate students initiate and collaborate in research focusing on the improvement of patient care and public health while incorporating current research findings into daily practice.

Course offered through the department

Faculty & Staff

Clinical Associate Professor

Office: 244A

Clinical Professor

Office: 244J

Clinical Assistant Professor

Office: 244R

Clinical Assistant Professor

Office: 244R

Associate Professor

Office: 265A

Associate Professor, Health Outcomes

Office: 265B

Clinical Professor

Office: 244H

Associate Teaching Professor / Co-Director Patient Simulation Laboratory

Office: 244G


Office: 244D


Office: 244C

401.273.7100 x

Clinical Associate Professor

Office: 244Q

Clinical Professor

Office: 225D

Clinical Professor, Director of Experiential Education

Office: 225C

Data Control Clerk, Administrative and Student Support

Office: 225A


Office: 244F

Clinical Professor

Office: 295B

Lecturer (Temporary)

Office: 295L

Associate Professor

Comp Sci / PHP

Associate Teaching Professor


Office: SSRC 138

PHP Department Chair and Professor of Pharmacy

Dean and Professor

Office: 220A Avedisian Hall

Clinical Professor

Office: 244N

Director of Interprofessional Education (COP) & Clinical Professor

Office: 295C

Clinical Professor and Director of the Pharmacy Outreach Program

Office: 265D

Clinical Professor

Office: 244M

Simulation Technician

Office: 155

Assistant Teaching Professor

Office: 265E

PHP Department Administrator / Higher Education Administrative Assistant II

Office: 255B

Clinical Assistant Professor

Office: 244R

Associate Dean and Clinical Professor

Office: 215C

Clinical Professor

Office: 244B

Coordinator, Pharmacy Outreach Program

Office: 295K

Coordinator, Professional Experiential Programs

Office: 215B


Office: 244K


Research Professor

Coordinator, Pharmacy Outreach Program & Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor

Office: 295D

Associate Professor

Office: 244E


Clinical Professor

Office: 295J

Associate Professor

Office: 265C


The Department of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Research inspires and educates current and future pharmacists, advances research, innovates teaching methods and clinical practice and conducts research that improves the health of the people of Rhode Island and beyond.

In addition to our commitment to quality teaching, scholarship and public engagement and in concert with the four College goal areas of Research and Outreach, Students and Partnerships, Health and Wellness, and Institutional Effectiveness, we focus our efforts to:

  • Lead the University in advancing interprofessional education with pre-licensure student providers
  • Enhance departmental graduate student education
  • Foster student opportunities to become involved with scholarship and service
  • Increase engagement with state, regional, national and global pharmacy practitioners, providers, and organizations to improve health outcomes and patient quality of life
  • Solidify and grow partnerships with Rhode Island institutions, provider groups, state agencies and other key stakeholders across the state
  • Advance international teaching, service, outreach and research opportunities for students and faculty that enhance experiential learning and promote scholarship
  • Support departmental education, research, and service through identifying and promoting shared interests, expertise, and innovation
  • Commit to support a culturally sensitive academic environment
    Increase national and international recognition for excellence in teaching, research and patient care
  • Achieve increased funding for service and research activities that improve medication use
  • Enhance overall department scholarship

Approved by the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Research 2/15/19