Recorded Pest Message – July 3, 2007

The only insect pests I’m seeing are European red mites, green apple aphids and potato leafhoppers. The threshold for European red mites for this time of year is 2.5 mites per leaf or 65% of leaves with red mites. Miticide options include Acramite, Nexter, Zeal and Fujimite. Green apple aphids are in large numbers in some orchards. At all orchards I also see aphid predators. Spraying for aphids may be warranted if 10% of the fruit has aphids or aphid honeydew on the fruit. Aphids can be controlled with Thionex or Provado.

I saw potato leafhoppers today for the first time this year. Potato leafhoppers tend to feed on the undersides of terminal leaves, causing the leaves to cup and turn yellow. In mature trees this is not a problem. The potato leafhopper feeding also slows down the shoot growth and this can be a problem on newly planted trees. Check your young trees for leafhoppers. Leafhopppers can be controlled with Sevin, Thionex or Provado.

Are you coming with us to Bolton Orchard on July 12th? Please let me know. I have to tell UMASS on Friday, July 6th how many Rhode Islanders are coming. Please call me at 874-2967.

Thanks for calling, next message will be recorded on Tuesday, July 10th.