Email Message April 15, 2014 See blue winter moth eggs


I found 7 blue eggs today out of the 200 or so that I have been watching. I’ve attached a picture, but it’s rather hard to see the blue eggs. I expect winter moth eggs to start hatching in a few days in Kingston.

Growing degree days in Kingston is at 207.5 GDD base 40 today, April 15th. Assuming The Weather Channel GDD calculator is accurate, I expect eggs at other locations to begin turning blue close to 207.5 GDD this year. This could be a bad assumption about The Weather Channel, because right now it is not predicting future GDD properly. Hopefully it is working properly for accumulating GDD up to the present. Here’s the link again for The Weather Channel GDD calculator:

Apple, pear, and blueberry growers in most locations in Rhode Island should apply an insecticide later this week.
winter moth eggs see blue 4.15.14